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In which old games, fighting or otherwise would you like to see a remake/sequel?

Many of us enjoy fighting games and have for a very long time. We all played the obvious ones like Mortal Kombat or Street fighter, but we forget that MANY other games existed before, during, or after those games came to be. So I was curious to know, if given a choice, which old fighting game would you want a sequel for or a remake to be done. Keep in min you CAN still say SF or MK, but they already have sequels/remakes being made, already made, or will be made. So let me hear your top 3 choices and why.

Here I'll start:
1.) Eternal Champions: I don't know about you all, but this was one of my all time favorite fighting games. It had more gore than Mortal Kombat, it involved time travel and had an AWESOME story for a fighting game, and it was one of the best Sega CD games ever made. Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside had it all. It had finishing moves (vendettas) and 2 different pit stage fatalities in EVERY SINGLE level. Granted you had to have your enemy land in a certain spot to trigger it but it made the match more interesting because it would happen at random quite frequently if I remember. But the game has potential for a remake OR a sequel.

For 1 thing the graphics would be insanely good if revamped and the game played 2.5d like SFIV. They could bring back sudden deaths and Overkills as well as give each character 2 vendettas. Then, make the Dark Champion be the final boss, with the Eternal champion perhaps be a character now trying to regain his power, and bring back all the other characters and maybe remove 1 and claim them as the winner of the first tournament, thus regaining their life (or better yet, make them be taken from time down the line in another event where they die and give them yet another chance, maybe an old version of Larcen or Xavier).

2.) Killer Instinct: This is going to be short and sweet. I loved KI, and enjoyed KI 2/Gold, but again this is a fighting game series that cannot just be put to pasture. In a world where Virtua fighter somehow made it to 5+ games, and yet Killer Instinct can't technically get past 2, that's just wrong. I want my old favorites Fulgore and Spinal back in the mainstream fighting tournaments! So just give us Killer Instinct 3, dammit! Rare... do you not enjoy money or something?

3.) Streets of Rage: It has been FAR too long since we've had a Streets of Rage game. Some would argue that the series SHOULD end because it is the best beat 'em up series ever made (and I 100% agree). But then there are those like me who would LOVE to see this in action. Give it today's graphics, make it a 4 player beat 'em up, same style as the SOR games (overhead but being able to move in a 3D space) and let's get going! Bring back every character from SOR1-SOR3, add some new blood, whatever, but just make it exist! Get the original music composer to make new music and revamp some of his older ones and let's go. Better yet.. Give me a Streets of Rage/Final Fight crossover!
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