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1 + 1 = Awesome

(I've been told I should make some sort of introductory blog or something, but I'd rather post something constructive.) The first 1 being Rock Band The second 1Devil May Cry 3 I was tasked by fellow DToider SephirothDZX to take a standar...


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An art student and avid videogame fan of all kinds, I strive to make and experience cool stuff. Sometimes I like to voice my opinions on cool stuff and how said cool things can be made better. I love horror/suspense games and hold atmosphere and feeling of games above pure gameplay, which is why my favorite game series is Silent Hill. I like to have good multiplayer experiences as opposed to winning streaks. I could be getting my ass kicked with the lamest team imaginable, but if they can hold a good conversation and make dying fun, then it's all good.