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Real name is Mike, but I put TheTruth for here because anyone who knows me knows I can't stand lies and have spent a chunk of my life digging up dirt and outing the corrupt in aspects of life outside of games.
Whether it's distortion of facts in politics, religion or entertainment, I'll attack the deceivers with just as much effort and passion to them being called out, to not manipulating the less educated. And unfortunately for those doing it involving games, I'm watching now and will take on your bull headfirst and call you out when you're trying to lord over others.

I'm only an ass to asses and bully the bullies. But everyone else, I like and respect people who have basic respect themselves. I don't think any of us are BETTER than the other, just different levels of thought and the only people we have to look down on are the idiots who come by to just try to make people feel bad or to be annoying.

Yeah, look down on them. Because those people we are better than.