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Science Lecture on games in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sat Feb 7th


Just got this in my inbox. I can't make it but thought it would be a good idea to let people know.. i.e. the few people in Edinburgh.

You are invited to an event hosted by The Skinny magazine and the ESRC
Genomics Policy and Research Forum.

Title: Digital Evolution: What Can Gaming Tell Us About Where Life Came From
and Where It's Heading?

Venue: The Drill Hall, 36-38 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG

Date: Saturday 7th February 2009, 7pm

From the Game of Life to Spore to Second Life, computer games reflect our
fascination with evolution. But how life-like are these games, and what, if
anything, can they teach us about human evolution?

The Skinny magazine and the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum welcome
you to discuss these fascinating questions with our guest experts:
award-winning science fiction writer Ken MacLeod and synthetic biologist Dr
Alistair Elfick.

To register:
This is a FREE, ticketed event. For your ticket please call 0131 467 4630 or
email [email protected]

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