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All Your Memory Are Belong To Us...

It's December, 1988, and I am about to fall in love. It's name is Nintendo Entertainment System. I call it NES for short. We were introduced by my older brother. It's...*cough, hack*...ugh, sorry, I had some Dr. Manhattan stuck in my t...


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Hello! I'm Justin and I've been a life long gamer and tech enthusiast. I work in the IT field doing a little bit of everything. Games have been a part of my life as far back as my memories go. From my dad's Atari, to my brother's Nintendo, to my first Sega. I feel like I've seen them all come and go, and I'm always excited for the next one.

I've more recently started a YouTube channel (I know, I know, one in a billion). Feel free to check it out and provide all the criticism you can come up with.

I encourage you to hit me up for conversation or ask me anything that comes to mind. Nice to meet you!