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Some New Guitar Hero 3 Videos

Sorry if these have been posted before: Bulls on Parade, with Tom Morello playing with you (his model looks creepy) Cult of Personality Evenflow http://www.gam...


Why the PSP Can Lick My Saggy Balls

^^^^ Fucking truth ^^^^ Ever since I got my PSP in 2005, I've loved it. I played several games on it, indulged in its multimedia features, and used the web browser several times. In fact, I even defended it when it came under scrutiny. I...


More GTA IV Trailer Info

Turns out 1UP editor John Davison has confirmed that there will be three GTA IV trailers. Mind you, there were three trailers for both Vice City and San Andreas. The first was a teaser, the second was a full trailer, and the third was a T...


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