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Game Review Website Battle of the bands, Epic fail inside


A couple of weeks ago, Harmonix approached ScoreHero to help organize a press event for their upcoming title, Rock Band. ScoreHero gladly accepted the offer, and Phr34k took on the challenge of creating the tournament format for the event. The end result was a fantastic tournament format that showcases the various game modes that will be in Rock Band. This event will take place over the next couple of weeks, leading up to Rock Band's release in late November of this year. The participants in this event will be none other than 10 complete bands (4 members each), derived from the top 10 video game review sites:

Team Xbox
GamePro Online

ScoreHero will be providing per round updates on the event and how the 'bands' are progressing, and each website has the opportunity to release articles based on their experience with the game and tournament. The event will start early next week with Round 1, and will continue towards the finals in mid-November. Which band will emerge victorious? Stay tuned to find out!

And where does Destructoid fit into all of this? NOWHERE. Nero could've put those asshats in their place.

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