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In honor of MGS4's release and the fact that portable handhelds for the most part are shoddily constructed pieces of shit...I figured it's time to rid myself of my out-of-warranty DS and PSP and...just get new ones. I also picked up Metal G...


Pics of My Setup

I was meaning to make this post around Memorial Day weekend, but I was busy pretending to be too cool to be on the internet on a holiday. You'd think a post that's been weeks in the making would have epic LOL's, tits, and exclusive gaming n...


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If you can read this, you are a human; a thinking, reasoning human. Don't ever let a corporation or government reduce you to a meaningless label of their own design. Executives and politicians can define, influence, and control anyone but a thinking, rational human. You are a human being, with the rights, capabilities, and intellect that encompass our species. You are not a gamer. Don't ever let yourself become one.