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The World in Grand Theft Auto 5

Every video game has some sort of world it takes place in, no matter how realistic or fantastic that world might be. Rockstarís Grand Theft Auto series opts for a somewhat realistic world, with fictional settings based on real-world locations. The latest game in the series, GTA V, released in September 2013, and it returned players to the city of Los Santos, which made its first appearance in GTA: San Andreas. Los Santos, if the name wasnít enough of a clue, is based on Los Angeles. Nevertheless, itís still its own place, and understanding it should be important to anyone planning to play GTA V.

Los Santos is big. It almost has to be, due to the open world gameplay, but itís even bigger than the San Andreas version of the city. GTA Vís Los Santos is split into four areas: North, South, East, and West. Each of those areas, in turn, is divided into districts. Then there are Davis and Del Perro, the two incorporated cities found inside of Los Santos. Now, some people might worry that even if the city is big, maybe itís all the same. Well, donít worry about monotony in Los Santos. Just like any real city, it isnít all uniform. For example, Davis is a very poor city with a lot of violence, while Del Perro is high-class and expensive. You should also keep in mind that each area of Los Santos has places to visit and things to do, so youíll be able to play GTA V a long time before you get bored with the city.

Plus, if youíre playing in free roam, you can always use some cheat codes for GTA 5 to make things even more interesting. Cheats canít be used during missions, but at any other time, you can enter the correct combination of button presses and D-pad commands to activate a cheat. GTA V has a lot of codes for you to try, and some even directly affect the gameís world. For example, you can put everything into slow motion or lower the gravity. Little things like that can make your exploration even more entertaining.

Another cheat code lets you cycle through the different types of weather, to give Los Santos the atmosphere you want. The cityís weather ranges from clear skies to clouds to lightning storms, and even to smog, which is a new effect introduced with GTA V. It also snows in Los Santos at specific points in the game, as well as in GTA Online on Christmas. In general, however, days of the week and months of the year have no effect on gameplay. The game is set in 2013, and thatís all there is to it.

The passage of time within a given day is another matter. As with most games with a dynamic day/night system, time passes faster in GTA V than in the real world. 1 hour of in-game time is two minutes of real-world time, which means that a full 24 hours will pass in the game for each 48 minutes you play. The importance of this lies not only in the changes in the mood and visibility, but also in what missions you can begin and what sorts of people will appear around Los Santos. In many ways, the world of GTA V mirrors the real world, so when you explore its fictional city, you may find yourself thinking of it as a real, living city.
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