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GTA V Combat Mechanics

Over half a year after its release, Grand Theft Auto V is still a hot topic on people�s minds. Both fans and those who have yet to try it eagerly await news that it will come to the PC, PS4, and the Xbox One. Current players seek out new tricks and discuss the gameplay, although admittedly much of their attention is on the online component, GTA Online. Nevertheless, both the online and single player modes of GTA V still receive DLC and updates, so the extensive amount of content continues to grow. With its open world, story missions, and free roam, you can find lots to do in GTA V�s single player mode. But before you begin, you should probably understand the combat system.

It�s a simple enough system to understand. You have an armor meter and a health meter that drop as you take damage from enemies (as well as from other dangerous situations, such as falling from a great height). Normally, you�ll have to be very careful to make sure they don�t drop too low, but we should point out that GTA V has a cheat code you can enter to give yourself maximum armor and health, as well as one to give yourself invincibility.

It has auto-aim, which will help you when fighting with firearms. Firearms make up the bulk of the weapons, although there are other kinds as well. Melee weapons, throwable weapons (think grenades and Molotov cocktails), and more enter the mix to ensure you have a wide variety to pick from. There is cover-based defense and character stats and skills, all of which you�ll want to understand before you get into dangerous fights.

Another important thing is the Special Ability system. Up there on the screen with your armor and health meters, you�ll see a third meter. This meter shows how long you can use your Special Ability for. Each character has a different Special Ability and a different way of filling his meter. Think of Michael as your �special kill� protagonist. He fills the meter through headshots, stealth kills, and other special ways of dispatching enemies. His meter also fills when he speeds in vehicles. When he activates his Special Ability, it slows everything down, so you can take your time to aim for your enemies in slow motion. Franklin, on the other hand, is your vehicle man. He fills the meter when he performs vehicle stunts, so take him out onto the road and see what you can try. Accordingly, his Special Ability slows down time while you�re driving, which allows you to position yourself to make difficult moves. Finally, Trevor is your sociopath. He fills the meter when enemies hurt him, when he speeds in vehicles, and when he kills people. With his Special Ability, he�ll be all but invulnerable to damage, while dealing double damage to enemies.

Of course, if you�re just playing in free roam and you�d rather not take the time to build up their Special Ability meters, you can use a cheat code to instantly fill it up. Nice!

This should give you a good idea of what GTA V combat is like. Try out the basics, understand your characters and their Special Abilities, and don�t forget that Rockstar has seen fit to fill its game with GTA V cheat codes (although they can�t be used during missions). Have fun!
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