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Just Another Castle #115 - I Want That Smash Game, Morty!



This week, Matt and Unoclay (and briefly Eli) talk about the possibility of getting Smash 5 in 2018, the life of ARMS, and of course, the 1990's McDonald's menu.


0:00 - Gift from Unoclay's Japan Trip

7:24 - Matt - SnakePass

13:12 - Eli - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser 's Minions, SteamWorld Dig 2

25:34 - Unoclay - King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch, The Binding of Isaac

37:08 - Rumour: Smash 5 in 2018

48:26 - Rick & Morty and 90's McDonald's

51:03 - ARMS comic series, too many games to play, Switch production increases to 2 million units a month

1:03:06 - Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Functionality

1:06:02 - Wii Shop Closing in 2019

1:09:06 - No Livestreaming for Nintendo YouTube Partners

1:14:35 - Atari Box is Basically an Expensive OUYA


Matt: YouTube / VidMe / Facebook / Twitter

Eli: NintendoEnthusiast / YouTube / Destructoid / Twitter

Mike: YouTube / Twitch / Twitter

Unoclay: IGN Blog / Twitter


Message to be a guest: @TheMangoViking.

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