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Xblig review: Trailer Park King 3DD


Game name: Trailer Park King 3DD

Cost: 80

Review bit: Ah Trailer Park King a series itís nice to come back too and by the looks of this its decided to base the title on the film sequel Piranha 3DD, a film I know very little about beyond the trailer and what Wikipedia tells me but more on the title later on.
For those who have followed me and read through the reviews youíll note Trailer Park King 1stands in the Hall of Fame while the sequel Trailer Park King 2 and spin off Cherry Poke Prison, donít for various reasons. Well this sequel is about the same length as the first game maybe slightly less however it does manage to correct the mistakes of the previous entries both in story and control. Unlike Trailer Park King 2 this story does feel like it has an ending, it feels like a story in its own right whilst still being part of a continuing story. My main objection to Trailer Park King 2 was the fact it set up the whole ďIs Truck a zombieĒ story then seemingly left it hanging, whole Trailer Park King 3DD goes with this story and itís not until the final moments any additional story in introduced. Also unlike Cherry Poke Prison it doesnít have a 30 minute long puzzle that causes people to go insane.
With TPK3DD what you get is Trailer Park King 1 but better for the most part, you get 1 minigame where youíre required to shoot the people called out, or implied by whatís said. There is a sort of 2nd Minigame but its more about choosing the right dialogue options than anything else. The story Kept me entertained fairly well throughout the time along with some of the more crazy aspects to it and the humour is there as youíd expect.

Now onto the minor issues I have with the game. Firstly itís not new player friendly, while thereís a previously section it doesnít do much to bring new player up to speed with the series, you can jump in at 2 and while you know youíve missed things its mostly explained ad this is due to the story structure. Essentially TPK 3DD is suffering as a result of the previous game not feeling like a story in its own right, which while not technically this games problem directly it has inherited the issue and is stuck with it. What would have been nice is a brief Total Recall of the story so far, or maybe a joke version with completely random bits that never happened, either way it felt like it needed something. Next is the dumbing down in parts, ok I get the beer and boobs crowd arenít that smart as evidenced by the amount of people who have ended up on this blog as they couldnít open the Wardenís safe in Cherry Poke Prison but this game has a puzzle dumbed down it shows you the numbers randomly about and not in a way that kind of makes sense as before. The greeter puzzle being one of the examples of this dumbing down as Iíd say itís pretty hard to pick the wrong dialogue options short of being blind drunk while playing. Ok sure itís not all dumbed down, I did spent 5 minutes looking for a tape player before figuring it out but still it is in parts and while things like the toaster puzzle were a little too complex the swing in the other direction seems to have been a little too extreme this time.

Now my final complaint is the game seemed to miss some shots at humour such as the start where a quip about disturbing King on the throne rather than just disturbing him on the toilet. Also while the game is called 3DD it doesnít play this title as well as it could. With Piranha 3DD it worked as there were DD cups in it and it was 3D, the problem TPK 3DD has is itís pretty obvious itís a reference to the chick with 3 boobs, nothing else. The opportunity was there to be able to mock 3D film / games maybe have king have to put on some weird specs and claim they give him a headache or have some kind of joke 3D thing. Heck Iím shocked there wasnít some attempt made to have a single drawing in red and blue 3D where the girls breasts seemed to come out the screen at the player. Or the game could have gone a slightly more high brow approach an introduced identical triplets with the first one you meet being called Dee Dee, with throughout the game King not realising that there were 3 girls who looked the same initially thinking each of them was Dee Dee.

Now the game has improved on the previous ones and is a step firmly in the right direction as I said the story does feel complete, also the minigame shooting gallery controls felt a bit better and more responsive which is a plus.

Verdict: If youíve played the previous titles in this series then this one is a definite buy for you as it carries on the story and improves upon the formula of the games and gives you a feeling that it is a complete story now. If youíre thinking of jumping into the series this is not the game for you, I would still suggest you begin with the first game as while you can jump into Trailer Park King 2 you really will want to get 3 as well to get a feeling of a complete experience due to as mentioned the story following on rather directly. So does Trailer Park King 3DD get a recommendation from me ? Well sadly not as while possibly the best entry into the series from a technical standpoint it fails to allow players new to the series to catch up and alienates them to some extent. I still recommend if you want to try the series begin with the first game but due to ending up with the baggage of the previous game it means you have to buy both to get a feeling of a full experience which isnít the best thing way to enter a series. TPK3DD missed out on the recommendation mostly due to being lumped with a problem from the previous game resulting in it requiring players to pay 160 points for 2 games rather than 80 points which can be used to try the first game and feel you have a complete experience. It really is one for the existing fans of the series.

Oh and yes I did make a terrible pun related to a film with a 3 boobed chick in it.


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