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XBLIG [non]review [PSA]: Banana Bananza is a banana [email protected]# [Swearing]

Breaking News: as of 7:30am GMT on 03/04/2013 Banana Bananza has been pulled from the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace

Now I thought it was just and error you know maybe an update scrambled the game files so I redownloaded the game, it was still corrupt. I then deleted the game manually from the xbox storage menu having gone through the storage system not the carousel and redownloaded it again from scratch having restarted my Xbox. It was still corrupt

So I thought maybe it was just me you know. Then I checked a thread I made previously on Xbox.com. Turns out I'm not the only one.

This thing is no longer on the level of worst game of the year this is no what I can only describe as an active SCAM


0 out of 6 Scamtacular´┐Ż
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