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Wild predictions about Nintendo's NX using butts and how Amiibos die



Using the power of both logic and Pygomancy, I've decided to take some wild stabs in the dark and try to speculate what the insane minds at Nintendo will dream up and what we'll see from Nintendo's new console .

Now the first hugely important piece of information is Nintendo announcing their partnership with a mobile phone maker. It may not seem huge initially but hopefully I can explain a possible scenario of what may be going on. You see I don't believe this is Nintendo just following the money train. The mobile company may relate quite a bit to the next console. Amiibos use a near field system based on the idea of Radio Frequency Identification system (RFID) used in many other applications. As well as show security systems another system set to use RFID are contact less payment methods. One such RFID capable system which is used in some parts of the world already to allow payment for goods are mobile phones. That's right the phone in your pocket has an RFID system with similar capabilities of an Amiibo, except a phones system is programmable to an extent and can allow two way data exchange. Now the idea of Nintendo using the RFID system in your phone sounds a little over imaginative, that is until you realise Nintendo have been not so secretly testing the capabilities of data exchange systems for years and I bet plenty of you have been helping them. I am of course talking about the 3DS and its street pass system which while not using RFID does use a short range wi-fi style signal the same kind of technology also found in some modern smartphones.


Nintendo has known for a while Amiibos can't last forever and as people already talk about how they're fed up with them, even those who were really into them initially so what Nintendo may be about to do is genius. I predict that Nintendo will be putting RFID use and short range wi-fi use into their smartphone games and give the functionality of an Amiibo to a digital app or mobile game you buy.

 This sound insane but if you think about it this really is nothing new. What Nintendo would do would be the first company to fully utilise it. As far back as the Dreamcast (and of course the Playstation One mobile memory card) companies were looking for ways people could take games on the go with them and then still have made progress, in one form or another on their console games. The two examples that spring the mind were Chao's quest and the Powerstone mini games . Chao's quest being where you could train your Sonic Adventure Chao characters and get weird fruit and other stuff  on a short maybe 1/2 to 1 hour adventure. Powerstone's VMU game being a series of little minigames which unlocked full game items. So if you've spotted the pattern already you'll see the true genius of what  Nintendo may be about to do . Short quite simplistic games. Games that allow you to unlock things in the main titles. Nintendo is about to take the idea of the companion app and make it functional and actually desirable.

Companion apps themselves are nothing new from the Mass Effect companion apps to Evolve Hunters Quest and even to the Watchdogs Ctos systems game, all of them have been trying to find a way to cross over between mobile and console. With Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare and other games trying to find ways to implement tablets into the games and gameplay itself. The WiiU was also testing these kind of concepts with it's tablet controller. Finding out what works and what doesn't. Amiibos themselves were testing things as I've heard from many people about the disparity in what Amiibos unlock in certain games with some giving a single rupee in Hyrule Warriors and others giving an entirely different costume in other games. Nintendo were testing and listening to people (if they were smart) and taking this feedback given free in many places online and putting it towards the next system. Even on the likes of the Podquisition there has been talk of good and bad Amiibo implementation, so Nintendo would be foolish not to be using this to influence their next console.

 Just think for a moment what Nintendo might be able to make. Imagine say a console based Pokemon game where instead of daycare you could transfer them to your phone and look after them while out and about Tamogochi style. Yes I'm suggestion Nintendo might make a Pokemon Tamagochi app. This would even make sense as there has been a slight resurgence in the popularity of Tamogochi with apps on tablets for them.

 It's genius really as Nintendo could well be adapting to the simplicity of mobile games and rather than make it a downside actually turn it into a positive as progress on them contributes back to the main console game. Or buying an app gives you something that can be transferred to other console games along with it. Nintendo may have found a way to cut out the need to make expensive plastic figures and program in RFID chips and instead have found a way to use what many people already have to do the exact same thing. So the death of Amiibos is a stepping stone to this new way of approaching mobile games an companion apps, all based round ideas that have been about since the Dreamcast. It's not even as though Nintedo don't have a nice collection of quite simple games they've been dusting off and selling again and again for years many of which would work quite well on tablet I'm sure.


Hell you know what I recently got to try and not feel sick after using ? Mobile phone based stereoscopic gaming using a VR headset which is basically just a holder for your phone. With the WiiU Nintendo tested the viability of streaming gameplay to another smaller screen. So by going into the mobile market Nintendo could well be hedging their bets with the VR market by going into a market where they can foreseeable enter into VR without needing to throw their hat into the ring with a major company or make their own kit. If there is to be a future in VR gaming I have to say I think it's going to be based round using other technology with few people paying the what $200 price most other VR will cost. Especially when my experience with VR on using a phone war far superior to my experience with the Oculus rift (admittedly I haven't tried the Dev Kit 2 Oculus yet though).


However until next year with Nintendo's big reveal all we can really do is sit round scratching out collective butts as this remains just a theory.

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