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Why I'm still excited for the Ouya


Warning: Some nudity (no more than has been on destructoid before)

So with it approaching release Iím actually still excited to see what the ďIndie consoleĒ brings to the market. Sure before I pointed out it could become a den of porn (which would seriously be funny if it happened) but thereís reason to be excited.

Firstly itís a cheap console, which with console prices rising so much from one generation to the next at least on launch its nice to see another market get serviced. The Market I call the 4th wave market, first wave buy on release , second wave buy later, 3rd wave tend to buy near the consoles peak and 4th wave are there at the end, buying the console for a bargain and honestly for a kids first console or something to play on without being serious core gamers. This can be seen in the boom PS2 sales saw a few years back near the end of the consoles life. In towns by me stores were out of stock on PS2 consoles and offering up to three times the normal trade in price, some stores offering £100 per PS2 as within seconds they could turn them round for £120 cash almost. The Ouya could tap into this as yet pretty much undiscovered market which you could say in part were some of those who bought Nintendo Wii consoles.

Secondly, looking at the launch line up, it doesnít seem bad. I mean; Final Fantasy 3, The Cave by Double fine is set to be released on it, Airmech is coming, Shadowrun Online, The Ball, The Giana sisters and Hawken........ yes Iím serious Hawken, the Mech game. Theres so many that itís by no means a small line up especially if most are launch or near launch. Sure it doesnít have the super exclusives but then again this is a $100 -$150 console with a launch line probably ten times the size of most high end consoles.

One thing the Wii got hammered for was the sheer volume of shovelware on it, the Wii was arguably on sales the winner last generation as everyone, their gran and their grans old folks home had one. Yes shovelware is bad mostly, except it also sometimes breeds innovation and produces what I call the golden turd. The Golden turd is a game that was meant as shovelware, looks like shovelware and yet either the developers really cared or the planets aligned and imbued the game with something special, either way the game introduces something different and becomes an unsuspecting hit. Gun grave was such a game on PS2, Earth Defence force on the Xbox 360 was another. Now a console where itís pretty much open could produce some insane things.

Hereís another thing, this console is designed to be moddable and in media about the Ouya its even mentioning emulators being available on it, the listed ones are mostly ones for old Nintendo systems, so itís got a huge potential library there. Now before I get told off I am in no way condoning emulators or the associated Romís but they will no doubt be on the console.

Now to everyone asking if people will want to develop for this system, sure they will. XBLIG has a ton of developers and you know what with games on there selling for $1 -$3 normally the 3rd best selling game of all time has made over $1 million for its developer and $2million for Microsoft, thatís profit on a game selling for $3 a time. If people donít have to deal with Microsoft they will as while people talk about indie studios these little 6 man teams with offices the Ouya might become a haven for the absolute start up indies the 1 man in his bedroom teams simple because they can develop for it.

Hereís the great thing I think much of the gaming press are also missing, the Ouya will mean reviewers press are needed more than ever. When so many games get released for the system you need people to sort through them and with the huge interest the first press group to find major new good quality games or even golden turds will no doubt get a lot of people interested. Essentially rather than being told what the big releases are by studios and advertising budgets people will have to sift through games and see and not have studios forever telling them that their game is the greatest thing ever.

The Ouya could well help the consumer a huge amount too as companies will be more willing to put out Demos as if you want people to buy your game they will need something to convince them and it might even be the first console to actually get an abundance of free to play games, sure Sony has Dust 514 and Microsoft has the rather unfortunate Happy Wars but there are plenty of other free to play games we might see ending up there, heck if it can run Hawken as its claiming then just maybe Team Fortress 2 might arrive on it.

A final thing to consider is this is a moddable console as said already, this could mean itís updatable and even be the first actual console to allow mods on it. Thatís absolutely huge, people are on about the steam box concept and why it might work well and game mods are often high on the list as to why. Now imagine if the Ouya does allow these PC style mods for games. While not powerful it could still give a fair kick up the rear to other console manufacturers in terms of install base and features.

The main issue people bring up is itís putting mobile games on a TV, now while thatís true it wonít just be mobile games Iím sure. So while people are pointing out mobile games are designed to be mobile games, played in short bursts and not prolonged sessions itís completely forgetting a huge elephant in the room. Just because a game doesnít have AAA photorealistic graphics doesnít make it a bad game. For many years up to this point we as gamers have played lower level graphics, so was Legend of Zelda a Link to the past a poor mobile game ? Was any Final fantasy before seven a short shallow mobile game ? Sure the Ouya will get mobile games on it no doubt but it wonít just be short shallow games. A triple A budget isnít required to make deep games only really to make high end graphics these days, if youíre sceptical just look at Dwarf Fortress, one of the most impossibly deep and intricate games of recent times and it yet it doesnít have AAA cost and is available free. Just because the Ouya will have mobile games doesnít mean it will just be mobile games.

So the true question is, will the Ouya find its market ?

Just one silly image to finish off because it might be one thing the Ouya could secure as an exclusive.

Actually took the original image for this from a Destructoid article
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