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Waah U, its too expensive ?


With all the crying over the Wii u price point and comments from various groups saying itís too expensive I had to write this one.

So a nice bit of news reached me recently about the Wii U and it being stated Nintendo is selling the console at a loss. Thatís right according to spoke people for the big N the Wii U is being sold at a loss to stop consumers paying more than Nintendo feel they would want to pay.
The big joke in this being that still people are claiming the console is dead on arrival due to the price point for it and they seem to want Nintendo to be committing corporate suicide selling to compete with the previous generations price points.
So letís run down the costs of launch consoles to start to dispel the rumour that Nintendo are trying to rip off consumers and wonít be able to compete.

Xbox 360 launch price
Core system (no hard drive only limited internal storage) £209.99
Premium system price (including at the time 20 GB hard drive) £279.99

PS3 UK launch price £425 (and was still selling at a loss)

Kind of puts it in comparison that the Wii U is starting the next generation selling at;
Wii U basic with 8GB flash memory £250
Wii U premium with 1 year N+ subscription with 10% money back on digital downloads and 32 gb memory £310

Now the Wii U is said to be more powerful than the present generation of consoles (and before you give me the ďoh but technology costs go down over time so it shouldnít be costing this muchĒ argument) itís comparative to a laptop almost. You have the screen with the console and the console itself with about the power of my present laptop or more correctly just under it. For a laptop with the Wii you specs, letís say the windows 8 tablet (as it has touch screen etc) and close to the same specs as the Wii you (no really it does) will set you back, oh £400.
Thatís right the Wii U is priced below the cost of the new Ipad coming out and below the cost of the windows 8 surface. So what on earth are peopleís problems exactly with this cost when this is the launch price ? Or is this just a general annoyance at the price changes stepping up this generation as applying the same step up as Wii to Wii U.

Xbox Durango 720
Basic = £340
With a hard drive = £410

PS4 = £555

So the question is, as this is the first next gen console why on earth does everyone seem to think itís being priced out of the market when in reality itís the only one presently in the market ?
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