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So lets take a break from talking about EA, to talk about Warner Brothers.

Warning, this Blog post contains strong Language 

Warning, this Blog post contains strong Language 

So with EA holding the headlines it seems all the other companies are taking this as a chance to throw their crap out under the smoke screen. I hope EA is collecting danger money for doing this for them.

The first one seemingly to be bring out their anti-consumer crap is Warner Brothers with their discussions upon patching Batman Arkham Origins. Remember ages ago when everyone was calling for the blood of Phil Phish and Polytron for refusing the patch a critical bug on Fez at a cost of about $50,000 ? Well how about a big company who are deciding if they should bother patching the game. Yet this same company is happily working on DLC for their broken game. Thats right they want consumers to buy more stuff rather than be able to play the game they bought.

Multiple sites around the internet have actually stated Arkham Origins has multiple numerous issues, some of which are outright game breaking. Corrupted saves, repeated crashes and even missions being locked out have been reported on the 360 version. Warner Bros. Games Montreal said that if it decides to release another patch, it will attempt to solve these progression issues, but not other bugs. That’s right, “if”.

With middling reviews and now souring the customers attitude towards the franchise. Maybe in reality it will be Warner Brothers not Bane who breaks the bat.

Oh but it gets worse. You’d think saying they potentially won’t patch the game was bad enough. How about not giving a section of their consumer base any of the product they’ve paid for ?

Thats right you read that right. Warner Brothers are potentially not even going to give some users content they’ve already paid for. This is because they bought the season pass on the Wii U. Yeh apparently just because people have paid for this Warner Brothers doesn’t feel obliged to give them what they’ve paid for. And as yet there has been no mention of what’s going to happen for said consumers with some predicted Nintendo themselves might have to handle the refunds.

You want to talk about bad business practices ?
EA might be money grubbing nostalgia killing corporate bastards but at least they deliver something. It might be a turd in a box but it’s not turning round and basically giving the middle finger to those who have already bought the game.

Batman Arkham Origins is not the game the community deserves but it’s the one it needs as a wake up call. One to point out yes there are bad games coming out on the Steam store but look at the big publishers setting the example here, and people are letting them get away with it.

Ok Rant over, and I feel it best to end in an appropriate style.

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