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Sexism in gaming.

A word to the wise read the majority of this post before commenting.

Gaming is sexist, no it really is its such a disgusting thing to be corrupting our youth, just think of it all these half naked characters being flaunted about.

I mean is there really a need to Geralt to be half naked in this scene, I say no.

Then look at the likes of Sam Fisher.

A Family man secret agent who goes about in a skin tight suit, and look even in this advert the picture is deliberately showing off his arse. In what other industry could this be seen as ok to have a physically fit male in a skin tight suit and an advert showing his arse like this.

This is not to mention the basically obscene nature of Kratos.

Just look at that obscenely short skirt and physique, he's protrayed as a warrior and also a family man who is out for revenge.

One of the worst cases of this vile objectification is probably "The Prince" from prince of persia.

I mean he's a good looking rich guy complete with a bit of facial hair willing to change himself, with an air of mystery and being shown off half naked.

Even games such as Dead or Alive have this.

Then lets look at the ultimate sexist symbol, the rockstar like Solid snake

A mid - long haired guy who has a gruff voice and you spent most games watching him work out on railings and get to watch his ass move as he crawls round the place.

Ok I think that's enough of my terrible parody which will no doubt have managed to attract a few comments from people yelling about how wrong I am etc not realising most of the above was honestly nonsense designed to parody the normal "OMG this is sexist" style yelling articles.

If you take the super critical approach then Mario is a very sexist game, as you fight through the entire game to win the girl, implying Peach is somehow weak and needs and man to save her.

This is the kind of stupid thinking that really gets to me as the thinking also seems to go entirely one way as it forgets Mario has had to do all this to save peach the so called "Heroes Quest" or to put it another way "Slaying the dragon".

The Same thinking that leads to videos like this.

The funny thing that will come in the comments, and is probably already there is someone saying "Oh but the male characters are iconic / based on the archetype of the standard male" to which I say what a load of old shrivelled balls that is.This is because apparently female characters in fighting games are too sexualised, ok so Immersion proved for some of the outfits they aren't exactly practical to fight in and remain decent, however is some how more sexist for these characters to be strong skilled fighters many shown as definitely independent people for the most part. Would it be by the same logic less sexist for these characters to be portraying the female archetype / stereotype of mother / domestic godess / living for her male or hunting after a guy very much like say Amy Rose in sonic games ?

Gaming at the moment is in a weird kind of void where the strong characters of yesterday are being seen as sexist or are somehow not being seen as the strong female characters they pretty much are.
The first main victim was Samus.

Other M seemingly turned her from strong female lead to whiny girl with issues.

Lara Croft has always been a bit of a whipping post for the whole gaming is sexist thing.

However its the recent shift that's lead to her once again becoming a controversial figure due to her no longer being the ustoppable badass of previous games and showing her starting out having to learn her skills.
So many sites seemingly picked up on the trailer and even me a non journalist managed to pick up info about the game that pretty much says "Yeh the trailer is only the first 15- 30 minutes of the game, later on she'll shoot the guy in the heard with a bow and arrow and take his pistols". Essentially yeh she doesn't spend the game playing the victim the whole time she learns her strength and how to survive

One of the other great recent other "Sexism in gaming" was the backlash for the Hitman absolution trailer, during one of the debates on this the question was asked "Would men be up in arms if it were monks who pulled their robes off and revealed things and banana hammocks ?" Well no I'd have found quite hilarious considering the latex nun stuff is probably wipe clean.

The important distinction and separation that needs to be made is between sexism and sexualisation as to discuss this matter as apparently mature people sex shouldn't be some great "OMG Taboo" thing, sex is natural and sex does sell. Sex sells both ways too I mean would Twilight have sold anywhere near as well if it didn't ?

The reason people seem to bring sexism up is its a scantily glad female character and the camera is going to certain areas by choice which if the camera were, it is of course sexist however if the camera happens to pass there its not. As you can tell from the first section just because someone is partly naked is not sexist at least not unless you want to take it to the nth degree of definition to where lunacy does lye. The reason people seem bring up the sexism thing is because of the standard convention of "Men go for the looks Women go for the personality" to which I can happily respond with a real comment from my ex.
"I love the Metal Gear Solid games.....you get to spend most of the time looking at Snakes well defined arse, he just looks so good and has such a sexy arse"
So to work on what is meant to be a well held convention as the basis to defend overly masculine male characters but condemn any female character showing skin is stupid.

So to conclude.
Gaming itself might have some sexism left though its far less than people seem to think.
Sexualisation in gaming is an individual preference as to if you think its good or bad but it is done to both sexes and its not gaming showing it is being sexist, unless its a chainmail bikini in a game that doesn't have a matching male chainmail jockstrap.
Judging on the present standards its actually harder for a male character to be seen as sexist as short of them becoming Romeo people don't notice but judge male characters by the same standards seemingly being used and suddenly there's a lot of sexism going round.
Can people please stop doing this stupid "OMG sexist" stuff this especially goes for the guys bringing this up, Female gamers don't need protecting they can look after themselves so stop feeling the need to, if you want true sexual equality as you're claiming then its this kind of chivalry nonsense that's actually just as sexist so well done.

I wonder how many people will be yelling to say the first section is nonsense in the comments for this one ?
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