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RIP Patrick Moore “The Games Master”


I thought I’d do a little blog about the death of a broadcaster here in the UK called Sir Patrick Moore. For most people he will be best remembered more for his work in astronomy, not as a qualified degree university graduate but more as the enthusiastic and ready to learn amateur. He presented the show for over 50 years, and died today aged 89. Now you are no doubt wondering why this isn’t marketed [NVGR]. Well because for a long while he did another show here in the UK, he was the face of the the best known video game tv show that was on for quite a long while here in the UK. The show was Gamesmaster, where he was the face of the show as the Games Master for its entire run. While admittedly before he did say he knew very little about gaming getting into the show, he stayed with it for its entire run rather than leaving.

Sir Patrick Moore in real life and more recently

The show has left quite a legacy in gaming and did a lot in its time to introduce the general public to the world of video games going from the early days of the SNES through the N64 days right to the Playstation Era. The general show idea was a mix of news trivia and gaming challenges, some done with the public and others bringing in celebrities, winners of the challenge or contest won a golden joystick, which has since become slightly ingrained into gaming awards for various sites. The involvement of Sir Patrick Moore in the show demonstrated that gaming is open to anyone who wants to be involved. The fact it stayed as such a long running show proved that a show about gaming could and can still be done on terrestrial TV if done right.

I wrote this blog because honestly I didn’t want the contribution to gaming to be forgotten and even though it will be before quite a few peoples times its important to remember that this show did exist and that Sir Patrick Moore did give quite a bit to gaming in his time along with his work in proving Astronomy was accessible to everyone.

So for those in the US who probably never saw this show here are two episodes for you, one from the 2nd series and one from the 7th and last series. In case it looks like a familiar logo then yes it was as the series and the magazine of the same name were pretty linked together.

So thank you for reading this and joining me in remembering Sir Patrick Moore the face of gaming for a generation.
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