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Remember Me , it could be memorable


Videos contain some Some Flashing Images and lighting effects.


I signed no NDA agreement on the following content, footage was obtained with permission of those available on the the stands.

I am not employed by Capcom, I do not speak for them and am in no way associated with them.

Remember Me is Copyright of Capcom

Footage was shot with a 2 mega pixel Camera phone. Screens, edges part of the stand are visible in the footage to allow comparison yes it makes filming look less professional but that was the requirement of acquiring this advanced footage.

This is not a review. This is an opinion piece for a forthcoming game / preview piece.

Any information in this is only valid for the version played on 3rd April 2013 and as such may not reflect and may differ from the finished product.

All tradesmarks or copyrighted material is property of their respective owners

If you wish to contact me due to any of the content of this article please email [email protected] (for those concerned this is a feedback / pubic email only not my private one )

With seemingly little media hype about this or adverts about to push this I thought I'd actually help people remember this games is coming out in oh about 4 days time in the US 

So Remember Me, a game that apparently had a lot of issues even being cleared to get publisher funding because according to publishers "Female Protagonists don't sell". It then managed to further cause controversy because shock horror the female character initiates intimacy in the game with her partner. Seriously though if the fact that became a news worth controversy worries me in this medium of entertainment.

What we were also told was that according to studies games with female protagonists saw far less marketing and far less advertising of them. As Remember me is out on the 4th of June in the US and the 7th here in the UK and I've seen all of one advert for it and that was on the Xbox coming soon, it makes me wonder if this is going to be a self fulfilling prophecy with less marketing and as such less sales. Also as very few media agencies are talking about it either most people have forgotten or its NDAed still. Luckily I'm not under NDA as I'm not writing a review not do I have any contract or agreement with Capcom. What I do have is the fact I really enjoyed what I saw of this game and a desire to hopefully put some peoples fears to rest especially as the last two heavily NDAed games which very little was released about were Aliens Colonial Marines and Star Trek . Also this seemed like the perfect thing to break up my blog series, its almost like I planned it this way..........

So as I have footage and it seems for one reason or another the larger companies aren't talking about it or showing much off, maybe some of my readers, and others out there might enjoy seeing the game in action, even in a very limited way. So here are three bits of preview footage each taken from the build shown at Gadget show live to hopefully give a show of some of the main parts of gameplay.

First a bit of combat 

Next a little bit of platforming

Finally a longer bit of platforming with a tiny extra bit of combat 

So onto my impressions from about 15-30 minutes in total on the previews build. The game looked very high fidelity I was really shocked, this game was being shown alongside Resident Evil Revelations  on the Capcom booth and compared to it Remember Me was leagues ahead. I wish I were joking here but this game reminded me of switching from N64 up to playing on Dreamcast, that's how big the jump seemed in quality here. The game looks amazing, if I said the game was like Prince of Persia but sci-fi and actually HD quality I wouldn't be far off. The environment looks suitably sci-fi and to an extend dystopian with a mix of technology and seeming decay with high tech structures seemingly mixed in with corrigated metal structures and outcrops.

Gameplay wise the combat felt a little clunky but I mean that in a very minor way. in terms of clunkyness it was more so than Prince of Persia Sands of Time, less than Lollipop Chainsaw and maybe about on par with Bayonetta, though seemingly with smoother transitions. I didn't get to try out much of the custom combo system and as such the memory altering / wiping skills though I believe one was available so I can't comment on if this custom combo system will be everything its been advertised.

The platforming worked, it felt smooth and for the most part natural although I did find a few times the route was less than clear due to the amazing aesthetic causing platforms and ledges to blend into the environment a little too well and only some of these are highlighted by for example hint arrows or glowing auras. The platforming issues of course let to a couple of falls and bits of annoyance but it was mostly enjoyable and gave the feel of playing an updated version of Prince of Persia Sands of Time with smoother animations to the climbing and platforming.

I do have two minor complaints beyond the slight platforming issue. Firstly the load times on the Gadget show Live build were horrifying. I mean 1 to 2 minute load times, the kind of load times that Duke Nukem Forever showed, where you could probably pull out a Dan Brown book and read a chapter in it, or watch a short youtube video during the loading .My second issue was the camera, while by no means terrible it has issues. The main issue I saw was while it was good at following the action and the work done in some areas to highlight more difficult to spot routes was made pointless. The Camera was so focused in, it wasn't until I was already climbing on one of the early ledges that it moved enough on its own for me to see the nice golden hint arrow that was meant to tell me where to go. Without seeing the hint arrow I had spent a good 5 minutes running into walls and getting lost and confused trying to find the route to carry on.

From My impression of the build I played. If the camera is adjusted slightly, the load times optimised a bit and the combat made to flow just slightly better in terms of the attacks (as they felt very clunky when they were hitting) then I can safely say this will be a worth while game to own. Remember me if the issues are sorted out could well be the Sci-Fi spiritual successor to the Prince of Persia remake series it carries on very much the feel of discovery and spectacle but also elegance and joy of the acrobatic combat of Prince of Persia Sands of Time. At present I'm really looking forward to this and unlike the Star Trek build I saw this one was far more solid and no-where near as close to release so for all I know Capcom have ironed out those last few issues in the months they've had.
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