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Oh So ronery


Warning some strong language and terms that some readers may find offensive

So this is a bit of a very basic blog I wanted to write following up from watching the Jimquisition this week.

That there is one of the messages I have sitting in my Xbox inbox. Why am I showing you this you ask ? Well itís the reason in part Iím happy to be seen by developer as preferring to be ďlonelyĒ. Now see if you can guess what caused this message, go ahead have a guess.

Now would you believe this message came out of the blue and was part of a series Iíve recently received due to over 3 years ago vsing this guy at Soul Calibur and destroying him in one match ? Well it is. The reason for the random message was as far as I can tell after the messages a long time ago which were worse than this, he got banned.

You know why on my youtube I can guarantee I can get a thumbs down on a new video, any new video I post ? Because one Call of Duty Player long ago asked me to look at his montage and give honest feedback. I did. They didnít take it too well and have been putting a thumbs down on any video I do since, I donít even know who that account is anymore either.
Welcome to part of the console gaming community. The community that the more online is integrated the more people have to deal with. Yes itís extremely sad people like this exist but they do. Hell this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of stuff Iíve had from being ďsociableĒ in gaming. I think I presently stand at 9 death threats and the target of 3 contract killers, that would be if I believed a word of it, instead I tallied it up quite for my own amusement.

Hell earlier this year I pretty much gave up on console multiplayer. What with the procession of racial slurs (oddly despite me being white I still get them) and people took stuck up their own K/D ratios arse to play the game and actually, shock horror lose.

So Iíve been playing PC a lot more. Now from my previous article on Smite the MOBA community there (as seems to be the thing with most MOBA communities) doesnít sound that great. Also youíd think this has reached into the PC community. Well oddly compared to consoles the PC gaming community is fairly pleasant. Though that might be the fact I wonder how many slobbering 13 year old COD players dosed to their eyeballs on Mountain Dew can actually figure out how to type but still. Now with the console online community being the only place in the world I could have a mother threaten to call Microsoft on me for causing her son of oh 5 years old to burst into tear, by telling him he was adopted and unloved, while playing GTA IV after 15 minutes abuse from said child including but not limited to, being called a cunt.

So sorry developers I donít want to be part of that community, I donít want to be part of the community that acts like this widespread on console. If PC ever devolved to that I wouldnít want to be part of that community either. Look Iím fine with trash talking but I donít play online to get abuse and I donít want to have to be online, I want the option to open up this potential can of worms. This is why Saints Row and Crackdown work because you can choose to. This is why Iím lead to believe journey works so well because you can run off from the people you arenít forced to put up with some mouthy gobshite.

If games were always online and let people just drop in, whatís to stop someone ruining the game for you ? Say you have a choice to make about letting someone live or die. Then Scumbag steve comes in runs clean past you and guts the blind man while you have to watch it happen. If you saw the article in the UK official Xbox magazine about their Minecraft map experiments youíll find just how much can be done to mess with people. Sure the idea of working together on a Minecraft ďserverĒ sounds good but some people just want to watch the world burn. Itís only fairly recently that full permission tools were added to the Xbox version of Minecraft to prevent people trolling.
Now I donít think itís just me but trolling can be fine some-times and funny when nothing is lost but maybe some time but in some games, running in and ruining it, destroying hours of work and then going ďYou mad broĒ as though being angry somehow is wrong. Itís just a giant dick move. There are people out there that do this for whatever reasons. If Iím playing some grand supposedly epic game I donít want it ruined for me by someone running in that I canít stop.

Equally I donít want someone running in and spoiling the game because theyíve already beat it. ďOh yes very nice you have a giant weapon capable of killing everything in 1 shot, how nice for you, but I was kind of hoping to have some kind of challenge hereĒ. Itís that. Now recently Iíve been getting into playing The Secret World, on there some of the quests require you to figure things out, thereís a channel called Mission hints. Iíve been stuck a few times and used the channel. The problem is I want help but I donít want the solution. Itís a hard thing for some to grasp but not everyone wants it handed to them on a plate, the same can be said to be true in gaming. I donít want it easy, I donít want to have someone able to kill everything do the work for me. I want the experience other people have had, and while Iím sure with many itís not intentional, by giving me the stuff on a plate itís ruining the experience of the game. Without the option to seclude myself I wonít be able to get the experience I want all the time and also I wonít be able to get the experience the developers might have intended due to someone running round spinning like a top breaking part of the immersion.

Thatís not to say I donít enjoy multiplayer games and can enjoy the tacked on multiplayer kind, like Goldeneye 64. What you thought Goldeneye 64 the game that brought multiplayer FPS to console had multiplayer as a core part. No it was a tacked on multiplayer mode done more as an experiment than anything else. I get why people rally against multiplayer I really do as the whole ďIt takes resources away from the development cycle etc etcĒ and it is true not every game needs or should have multiplayer. As yet Iím unconvinced about co-op horror games. I mean I believe the concept could work but as companies barely seem able to deliver a horror game now to make the horror work with a Co-op partner requires far more work. You see being alone is meant to be scary, the idea of what happens if I die, the idea of no-one looking out for you and watching your back, with the only real way to counter the removal of that being to make the other player seem like a threat. This is why despite the AI partners The Thing worked on Xbox. OK so it wasnít co-op as such but you had an AI team, the fear was at any moment any of them could turn on you due to secretly being the thing.

Iím happy to have single player experiences because I can be immersed I don't want to have to grin a bear it.. So to any developer out there who thinks Iím so ronery because I choose to play single player then let me say this. Uncool Bro Uncool dude needs so alone time. Also I should point out I have had some good experiences on console games though weirdly most of them come from the Gears of war community, who honestly seem like the most laid back and relaxed community Iíve run into yet.
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