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Modern gaming and the problem with boobs

Warning contains strong language

So everyone by this point knows about the stupid comment posted by Ryan Perez and this blog relates to but isn't directly related to it.

Modern gaming culture has a problem, that problem is the lack of a middle acceptable ground anymore. It appears both sides of this issue have claimed so much ground for themselves there's nothing between them. Heck this blog will probably end up labelled as being for one side or the other, its not designed to be.

The problem is the sides aren't obviously Red and Blue.

There is a mindset that all girl gamers are putting it on, that its some attention getting thing, the stereotype of the airhead booth babe knowing nothing about gaming and these kind of jokes.

The idea of women in gaming as some kind of sex object and that gaming itself has been used to tempt people into enjoying something. which to an extend is true as sexualised marketing is used sometimes (Especially in XBLIGs) to draw people in, the follow on from that is that sometimes female gamers aren't gamers but doing it to turn round and try and jump on the bandwagon of Geek chic which has become popular due to the growth of the gaming industry thanks to games like COD and the international success of the big bang theory.
People want to be popular therefore the misguided belief that saying they are into something will gain them standing.

The flip side is something to realise how wrong it is you have to have experienced it yourself full on. This is the white knight culture which is equally as sexist but in a different way. The best example of this I can give happened to me over xbox live during a match of Red Faction Geurrilla.

During one demolition match (where points are scored on destruction) this conversation occurred.
Person1:"Dude WTF do you think you're doing you should join with the rest of the team taking down the big buildings and get big points"
me: "I'm doing this to keep a constant point score going to stand a chance or winning rather than gambling it on a plan that's easy to get round, you plan is more open to the enemy being able jump in last minute and get all the big points you've been working on"
All the following at me
Person 2: "Stop being a dick"
Person 3: "fuck your plan virgin you should be helping us"
Person 4: "You sexist pig fuck you're only refusing to help because she's female"
Me: "Wait what ?"
Person 4: "you heard me you sexist piece of shit who deserves to die I should have you banned from xbox live for being such an offensive sexist misogynistic asshole"
Me "wait how am I being sexist ?"
Person 4 "you wouldn't go along with Sam's plan she's a friend of mine"
Person 2: "And mine"
Person 3: "And mine"
Person 4: "yeh and she's 1,000 times better at this game than you"
Me: "Um guys firstly I didn't know she was female secondly why the hell should I go along with a plan I don't trust especially when theres enough people for you to do your thing and I can still do mine"
Person 4: "Fucking sexist piece of fucking shit"

Game carries on and we win, the score board comes up with me placed top of the team for scores.
Person 1: "We'd have won by more if you hadn't fucked us over by not going with my plan you asshole"
Me: "I'm top of the score board I contributed a damn load to that match in case you didn't realise so fuck you I played the way I felt best look how many times the enemy turned your plan on its head ?"
Person 2: "Due what the fuck stop insulting her you sexist piece of shit"
Person 3: "I hope one day I get to meet this asshole in public so I can punch his fucking face in"
Person 4: "Not fucking cool dude stop abusing her you're the lowest of the low"
Me : "oh fuck the lot of you"

For the next 15 minutes I got 37 messages from people who had been on my team all varying degrees of threats and yells of misogynist, sexist pig, and basement dweller.

These are the white knights the people who when it was mentioned "Gamers will feel the want to protect Lara " who that comment was aimed at, now very few people here will own up to being a white knight and plenty of people band the phrase round when its protecting a person as an individual and not simply due to their gender.

The best example of white knights is ironically Twilight where people would have been up in arms if Bella has been showing skin other than at a few certain points despite at one point ending up in her "Underwear" on a cliffs edge yet they can't seem to see how by their own logic this should also be wrong.

Compare that to Bella in her "Underwear"

Now I wouldn't rag on Twilight for being sexist to men, or sexist to women unless it was for stupid comic effect as quite honestly if you look that deep at it no one comes off well. Its not a film I enjoy its not a film I've even managed to finish. 15 attempts 5 of which ended due to random nosebleeds starting for no reason despite me not having nosebleeds very often and I think the best I've done is 30 minutes into the film luckily or unluckily I had 3 female flatmates who enjoyed the series and I managed to pick up quite a lot about it even so much as knowing some bits of the actual text for various reasons.

The problem in gaming is the middle ground is gone, legitimate girl gamers if they do much publicly either get one to two kinds of people attracted. The total "OMG fuck me now a gamer girl = hottest thing ever suck my dick" or the "OMG you're amazing super marvellous everything your love is great" let me make this point very clear both of these are sexist as you should express your own view on the thing and not go along with someone else's view simply because they are female and especially not then defend the view you don't hold just because someone is female.

This is the curse of modern gaming and gaming as it grows.
The way things are polarised it seems there are only two directions being given.


you watch this turn out to be a legitimate gamer and me to get hate for it now
Note: This isn't directed at legitimate cosplayers male or female as to cosplay you have an interest of some kind in the product/ medium and aren't simply there to draw people in to sell a product.

Basically gaming needs a middle ground without white knights or the "OMG Girl gamer = super sexy for being into games + will want to sleep with me by default"

So can both sides please give it a damn rest for a bit, no more creepy comments on people youtube channels involving sex and no more mindlessly following and defending some simply due to their gender.
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