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Here we go again on Pre-owned


Look to say a pre-owned sale is a sale lost is wrong, pre-owned sales are a potential future sale. People are less willing in these economic times to pay full price on a new franchise game, however if the person enjoys the game they will be more receptive to paying full price for the next game in the franchise as they know the quality will be there. This was a very nice little play used by Valve with The Orange box allowing them to box Portal, a relative unknown and high risk thing, with known quality games and then be able to follow up with Portal 2 as its own retail release. With the rise of DLC a pre-owned sale doesn't need to be lost revenues as games can continue to generate revenue via DLC for long after launch. Finally you need those physical stores to keep going to sell your future titles.

So Sony and Crytek I know you're pushing this very strongly too. Stop demonising those who buy pre-owned, there's plenty of reasons to and unless you want to keep those games in print constantly or want to budge a bit on pricing for them on demand, killing pre-owned sales dead will harm you and the consumer in the end.

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