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Greenlight Oddities: My Ex Boyfriend the Space Tyrant


With Greenlight really beginning to fill up with prospective titles there are many things coming up. There are the good highlighted by shows like Indie statik and The Greenlight. There are the bad normally ports of some of the bad games seen on XBLIG and Iíve hammered in my ratings. Then there are some games which just seem odd. So as a weird little thing I thought Iíd highlight one just because honestly it has to be described as an Oddity.

Now for those reading this, have you played any Lesiure Suit Larry game ever ? If so think back to it, now imagine it as a sci-fi. Now make Larry gay and less of a loser. Yes I know it sounds mad but this is just what the oddity I stumbled across today is setting out to do.
Promoting itself as a gay adventure game. No Iím not joking.

Now as a straight male (I really am despite what people might take from my next part of Questioning Tropes vs 1 when it comes out) Iím not taking the approach of ďOMG this is so offensive to gay peopleĒ Iím not even going to try and tackle that point as honestly it could be the most offensive thing in the world, it might however be something that is applauded and held on high. The reality is its going to be a parody by the sound of it. A Parody of games like Leisure Suit Larry and the true idea of Parody or mockery is actually to show how stupid certain things are to get them changed.

Iím not going to champion this game either because hey this might be the most offensive game ever pushing stereotypes and making people feel ridiculed and mocked, I actually canít make that judgement.

What I will say is I tried the demo because honestly I was curious so I can give you a few of my thoughts based on this. Firstly this is a game designed deliberately to make the characters appealing to a specific group, or at least the public perception of the ideal in said group. So expect 6 pack abs large underpants buldges, mysterious vanishing clothes, an underpants only mode, cocktails and gratuitous ass shots. There is no actual nudity in this game but it goes down to the standard underwear level youíd expect from a game trying to be Leisure Suit Larry for the gay guy. Outside of the stereotype humour there was seemingly an ok mix of non stereotyping jokes from video game / nerd culture humour to double entendres from the AI in the lift.†

^not in the demo

The demo was shaky at best with my computer (Able to run Natural Selection 2 on low settings) absolutely tanking out on the main menu. Thatís right my laptop that can run things fairly well was being tanked by a 2D point and click game, I think thatís evidence it needs a little optimisation before its ready. After the menu the game seemed fine, well it seemed passable, the animations arenít exactly great but again this can be passed off as aping the old point and click style. †The designs are as youíd expect for a game proclaiming itself as a gay adventure game, so lots of phallic objects and designs about.

The point and click puzzle did seem over simplified (and this is coming from the guy who thought Trailer Park King had the perfect level of puzzle difficulty). This may simple be because it was early on but it practically told you the solution right away, which after losing hours in Machinarium because I was rubbing the wrong things together, was a blessing but also a curse for the game as it seemingly went way too far. There is also apparently a hints system built in but unless the game really ramps up the puzzle difficulty I donít see it being required.†

From the demo version I can also say by the looks of it the developer does plan on adding more content and as its going to release with the source code etc it could allow people to submit new content to the developer, if they wish, and the developer actually implement it officially into the game.

I feel I should also highlight the game for attempting to include accessibility options. All text and sound effects can be displayed in subtitles and there is an additional high contrast mode and a portal highlighting mode to make sure you can see where exit areas are located if that becomes a problem.

It does have a trailer up too.

All Iím really here to do is to highlight it as a Greenlight oddity because itís something a little different. Oh and Iím sure some fans of Podtoid will be happy to know its DRM free and you get to mod it so yeh, I can see the Adventures of John Holmes in Space ending up created from this. (Sorry in advance to Jonathan Holmes if this really does end up becoming a thing)

For those who think this might be a game for them, the website for the game can be found here††with the demo being downloadable from that site (though you have to use a torrent program to get it)
The Greenlight Page is here

The game according to its website is looking at a $22 price tag but that's going to be the price world wide (The developer / studio I think is Australian so they're apparently used to having to pay more for games)

Note: It should be noted the obvious puns that can be made out of some of the things in this review and double entendres are to an extend intended and for that I'm sorry because they're very terrible.
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