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Five predictions of gaming doom for the new year


So yeh Iím jumping on the bandwagon with this one as itís a cool concept rather than looking back but making some wild guess at what the new yea holds.
So here are my predictions of gaming doom.


Anita Sarkeesian will somehow be in even more media, still put no videos out and then face a second round of backlash one which will bury her but result in her spinning it to try and condemn gaming further and somehow join up with anti video game protestors. Seriously damaging the image of gaming in the media, that is until itís found she has a coke problem.


Microsoft will go Kinect mad and announce their console the Delphinus which will have built in high tech Kinect DRM. The Machine will initially be a flop until 3 months in when a hacker finds the security code to open the whole system is 1234 at which point the console sells like hot cakes and leads to a 90% piracy rate.
Other companies will also go DRM mad and Ubisoft will introduce a system which requires all player to undergo surgical ID chip implantation into the hand to be able to play any of their games and to allow them to verify you are the one who bought it so are entitled to use the licence


George Lucas will announce he is to join the team making Mass effect 4 as the games story consultant.

Oh the internet if this does happen...................... The cries of a million fanboys will echo out


The new consoles are announced at a price tag of $900 each for the basic model. IGN will report that this price was to be expected and despite this they believe the consoles will easily outsell the Wii U.


Sega of Japan will launch a class action lawsuit for copyright infringement upon every company in the world causing a hault to all games releases for 2 months while the mess gets sorted out and a highly trained team of special forces doctors attempts to breach Sega Japan offices to get the executives back onto their meds
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