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Fake Atheist scientists

An editorial response to the Jimquisition Fake Nerd girls

So let me begin this blog in a totally non video game related style. I once knew a guy, a guy who pretended to be deep and sensitive, he was that guy. That guy everyone has at one point who wouldnít call them a friend as essentially they exist to screw you and everyone else over. This guy got a reputation as a Cassanova in his time he broke up two engagements and multiple long standing relationships. He dated many girls and broke up with them to move on pretty quick almost on a whim. I know this as I was the guy picking up the pieces.

Why am I telling you this ? Because he was appearing to be the deep caring guy, he was faking it. So why is this important ? Because when youíre picking up the pieces of the 5th or so girl whoís been totally emotionally destroyed by the lies like this, you realise how much people hate a fake when itís all revealed.

So Now onto the main issue being addressed in this blog here. Fake Nerd girls. The issue being missed is not the idea of it being a huge threat, itís the hatred of lies and generally fake people.
Now I have personally been deceived, I was in a relationship with a girl who seemed to share all same interests as me. She was a gamer, she was open minded to new idea, she shared the same view I have that Charlie Brooker is right going out getting rat arsed in Clubs every week is kind of stupid, she even supported my decision to go off and further my education despite it meaning we couldnít see each other as often. So out of all those one thing was true, can you guess which one ?
She was a gamer. Thatís the only thing that held true. Two years on in the relationship she changed and showed more of her true self, died blonde hair, supporting the BNP and EDL (I wonít tell you what these are suffice to say if you donít know UK politics these guys arenít exactly well liked and for rather good reasons). This with her wanting to spend most nights not in snuggled up or in a nice fairly social spot but out at Techno / R&B clubs getting smashed. Now I thought I was a fairly good judge of when I was being lied too. However I was deceived, and before some-one says ďOh Iíd never be fooledĒ put it this way I could not only name her favourite flower but I could even tell you what she preferred for breakfast in a morning. I knew her, or I thought I did.

Ok now everyone Awwwwhhh when I say we broke up, with her breaking my heart, my first actual true love breaking up with me with a text saying ďI donít love you anymore what do you think of that ?Ē. Damn any of you who did Awwwwhhhh at that because I honestly donít care much about it anymore. Iíve spent my time being angry and bitter about her but I quickly realised I wasnít angry and bitter because it was a break up but because for 2 years sheíd lied to me. For over two years Iíd been with her I never really got to know the real her, it was the deception that hurt.

So why is a story of my crappy love life relevant here if itís not being used as some poorly concealed attempt to get pity (Seriously please donít put awwwwhhh or something like that in the comments I now count it as a lucky escape more than anything). The reason itís here is because the idea of fake gamer girls is not simply some issue specific to gaming, the issue is of deception and people being fake.

So why has this exploded in the gaming and geek culture ?
Well The Big Bang Theory has become a huge hit, the whole geek culture has suddenly become cool very quickly and while this isnít true for everyone.

Its true for some people, not all geeky guys do know how to use their shields, and while obviously a barely human creature such as myself is automatically suspicious of any girl showing interest in me, the rise in public awareness of female gamers has lead to others pushing in too. While I donít doubt most geeks out there would have some kind of suspicion of a stereotypically hot girl coming up to them normally, if a girl is seemingly part of gaming they could just attribute it to the girl being a sort of Codex (Felicia Dayís character in the guild) type person who while attractive just has self confidence and other issues as to why theyíre hitting on by someone way below their league as such. They see it as a possibility and due to the mind preferring the favourable outcome over favourable odds they believe this alternate solution because hey itís possible. So now letís look at the issue forming here. This is not saying there arenít hot gamer girls out there before someone has a go about that but according to information at any one point 20% of either Gender is seen as desirable according to conventional attractiveness.

Why would someone pretend to be something they arenít ?

To make someone else happy ?
Ok justified to an extend I guess though it can cause sadness when the truth comes out.

Because they have deluded themselves into believing itís the truth ?
The truth will out and people could get hurt but itís understandable.

Money or actual gain of some kind ?
This is where the issue really begins to show what the core problem is.
The fact it can be used by some for gain. Those familiar with the series The guild will know the character of Tink, her whole lifeís philosophy regarding men is ďMen are tools just like spannersĒ and ďI view relationships like the Ferengi, business relationships until the transaction is finishedĒ. Now those not familiar with the character of Tink, she is a girl gamer, the issue being the deception. Now with the fake gamer girl culture it runs deeper with it being essentially a double deception as the fear is they are neither into you or gaming at all.

Combine this with the fact that the stereotype of the gamer isnít exactly what youíd call the stereotype desirable male and you can understand why some guys would be a bit awkward round girls and not be able to spot a fake at least not in the hormone driven haze that many guys call their teen years then the issue starts to become clear.

I am not here to accuse anyone who goes to cons in cosplay of doing it just to be part of something as honestly I think to cosplay as someone takes real dedication and knowledge of the franchise and determination to do, something that suggests far more than a simple ďme tooĒ mentality. Honestly if youíre not into gaming and go to those lengths for whatever it is you want then honestly some credit is due as thatís dedication so much so Iíd question why so much effort went into it if it was simply a case of being after an easy mark.

Iím also not here being the gatekeeper and claiming this is some grand sacred organisation and you must prove your worth to enter. At present the way some companies seem to be going Iím not stat hungry core gamer, nor am I a casual that can only enjoy games being spelt out to me in words of one syllable (or at least so companies seem to think as they think controllers are too difficult). Sure Iíll laugh at EA making The Simpsons tapped out but I have nothing against those who enjoy the game, I also get that itís the industry making these games and not the fault of the consumer. I also understand everyone has to start in gaming somewhere, the only time I will mock are those who will sit there claiming their entry game is the best game ever made and as such refusing to try anything else because itís not like that first game. For the record my first ever at the time modern game was Bonkers Crazy chase and I will say thatís far from a masterpiece.

So what does the issue come down to ?

Well itís in part the reason for the very strange title. The issue is once again with it being a gender thing. How ?
Well in many Biology and biomedical studies classes even at universities there has been a rise in people refusing classes on religious grounds. This is due to the genetics components of the course teaching the theory of Evolution and their own personal beliefs stating God created man. They can believe what they want however personally Iíd rather have a doctor who understands the concept of DNA and how it effects the body rather than one that believes I will be cured purely due to some omnipotent being reaching down a noodle to cure me though the idea is s/he can still hold his/ her beliefs however they aren't potentially putting something ahead of the main point here. Would I care if the Doctor treating me believed in UFOs ? No
Would I care if s/he lacked possible knowledge due to his belief in UFOs preventing him / her learning it ? I'd be kinda annoyed then

For many in science, the idea of some-one being religious is strange and some may even argue out of place. The thing is it only becomes an issue if someone begins to put religion ahead of science and ignore science almost entirely. The same with gaming as the youtube reply girl culture seems to be moving in part to gaming. Itís very much, boobs boobs hereís some boobs ďI like Call of Duty Black oopps my top is falling downĒ with very little content related to gaming beyond the odd mention.

A standard kind of reply girl video (my own one and yes adverts are possible so feel free to not watch its here as an example)

Now very much like the reply girl culture the issue is not with its existence (at least for me anyway) sure that content has a right to exist the issue is when that content is becoming all that can exist. Personally Iím not jealous of the attention, it is however annoying to know that others out there who do make content are being overlooked because some girl with no real knowledge of the subject happens to have put her boobs in the video display picture while someone else has spent hours creating, refining and editing down their content and is informed on the subject. Iím going to guess itís not just guys who get annoyed at this fake nerd girl culture Iím guess actual geek girls have an issue with this too as they could be doing everything exactly well informed and professionally and be getting drowned out by the girls who are more than happy to show a little extra skin. Personally I do watch the videos of dodger and this is because from the videos it mostly seems thatís her, she not putting on an act and she does interact with her viewers in the comments and seems genuine. Itís pretty obvious she does have an interest in gaming. This is an example of it being done right and while dodger gets 50k views mostly on her videos you can turn to Megan Lee Heart and notice her videos mostly have boob obviously visible and can get 70k to 250k views mostly on her random video reply stuff.

Now if everyone went the easy route and everyone went on earning over quality then you can probably bet things like the Jimquisition wouldnít exist because honestly why bother when you wonít get noticed unless you have boobs visible in the thumbnail. The issue is not the attention isnít going to me but the attention isnít going to those who deserve it. If a fake geek is getting attention for something easy to do then geeks doing anything worth while and of high quality do get ignored to an extent. This however is no reason to give any girl wanting to get into gaming the third degree, and on the flip side its fine for a girl to admit she knows nothing of gaming and if she wants to then get into gaming because she herself wants to and not to try and play the ďIím so special look at me cardĒ.

What makes the issue worse are the fucking white Knights. Iíve written about this already long before but the idea is if anything bad is said to a Woman they are there to happily beat the guy over the head in an attempt to ďdefend her honourĒ, even if the comment wasnít sexist or in any way implying her gender was the issue. Whatís happening is the issue is being confused. Anyone can be a gamer while short of surgery youíre stuck with your gender so gaming in general has to get past this gender issue and both side have to keep growing up because while itís not fine to ask every girl you see to show you their tits (Obviously spring break has slightly different rules or so Iím led to believe) nor is it fine to threaten to cut off a guys cock and beat him to death with it simply for looking at you or disagreeing with something you say.

So in conclusion the whole fake gamer girl issue arose due to media and others deciding to jump on the bandwagon and combine the well loved idea of boobs with the now widely loved field of gaming, as many guys like boobs now and many guys are now into gaming. This issue is now becoming prominent with the age of the average gamer reaching about 30 when previously it was most likely teenagers. With the Maturity comes clarity and people realise the tricks being employed to coerce people and people also realising that while guys can use girls girls can use guys too and being the true antipole of the Jock / playa archetype itís the geeks who are the ones that are seen as easiest to use . How many shows and how many things have shown the geeky guy being taken advantage of ?

I really canít count how many but itís almost a staple of many shows now and its probably not all based in fantasy unfortunately. The reason itís become such an issue in gaming in part is the strong bond many gamers have to the hobby, as its often a rather big part of their life such that being given the choice of a girl or gaming some would choose gaming as they have either had bad experiences or donít want to give up their hobby simply for a girl. Hence the idea of the girl now having to enter into gaming in some way to get the guy and as such the fake gamer girl is born.
The media must also take responsibility for attempting to use the gamer girl concept to make money, both those running shows and those making sites like the near infamous fuck an gamer (a poorly planned out hook up site concept that was in reality a just feeding into a giant thing from many other hook up sites). Along with the other infamous site from a few years back play with girls (or whatever it was called) which charged guys $1-$5 a minute to play in games with its female members, thatís play in games nothing more no video just to have the girl there in the game with you able to listen over nice crisp clear xbox live Microphone and headset. Media has exploited the gamer girl idea the problem in part is gamers are rebelling not just against media but against reality as well not always being able to spot the line.

Now for a super quick TLDR summary

Gaming is open to everyone.

The issue is not with the gender so much as the deception part.

Gold diggers hate prenumptual agreements

If youíre going to clear the air with your Ex make sure sheís not dating a psycho who will threaten to burn down your home and kill your family.

Gamers are seen as easy targets as the mature gamers remember them growing up being socially awkward and realising how easy it would have been to take advantage.

The view that guys deserve to be taken advantage of due to simple biology and attraction is just as sexist and the guy asking to see boobs on Halo.

Cosplaying girls are most likely very much into their area and are not the problem despite the fact they might look like booth babes, the difference is they put in the effort the booth babes were just given a costume to wear and chances are didnít have to spend hours making and researching it.

That I seriously canít stick on topic that well.

That geeks are best off trying to make working shields than trying to operate them

That me using voice editing software to sound like a girl is creepy as hell

Its fine to not be an expert on everything, seriously ask me a History or geography question and I can guarantee you a wrong answer its only a problem when you're not honest about it and trying to pretend you do.

There is no knowledge barrier to enter gaming as everyone begins somewhere and if someone is honest there's no reason to accuse them of anything unless they have no interest to learn about it.
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