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The Pre-Sequel... Isn't That Bad


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is the odd, Aussie duck of the series (which I think makes it a platypus). 2K spent two years improving Borderlands 2 through steady, well-designed DLC, but while 2K Australia got to play with the toys for their own go at the franchise, they forgot a few basic rules for game  design. The levels are uninspired, the fights can get tedious, and the plot is a continuity-snapping mess. It left crater-sized holes in the established canon, which the development team hand-waved with an (admittedly authentic to the franchise) "because reasons" argument. 

2K felt the sting of those decisions. The game's scored well with some critics, but many fans were disappointed, myself included. The DLC that followed was half-hearted at best, though many consider Clap-tastic Voyage a highlight. The game itself feels like an extra-large helping of DLC for Borderlands 2, something I might have welcomed if I could have played my favorite Vault Hunter, Krieg.

But after playing the game a year ago I dismissed it off as a poor attempt to ape the success of Borderlands 2. I even went back to playing 2 because it just felt superior and didn't insult my love for the canon. But after logging hundreds of hours, I've been yearning for fresh Borderlands experiences. With reluctance, I re-installed The Pre-Sequel.

And you know what? It's not that bad.

Yes, the problems are still there, bit it's Borderlands, dammit. And for all its problems it didn't miss its mark on being Borderlands. The FPSRPG elements are solid, the moral ambiguity of being a murderhobo killing other murderhobos for "not quite good but still less douchey" reasons remains the game's tongue-in-cheek premise, the humor remains black as coffee, it all still satisfies that itch Borderlands was born to scratch, a genre-spanning alternative to the top-down dungeon-crawling fantasy hack n' slashers that dominated the niche just a few years ago.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry Pre-Sequel. I didn't give you the chance you deserved. You're a solid 7/10. I know other critics have given you higher marks, but I'm a story-oriented gamer in the first place and you have to admit you dropped the ball hard on that. But I forgive you. And I ask your forgiveness for being so quick to judge.

But bring Krieg back.

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