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I think I'm gonna install Dead Space and play it for Halloween again. It used to be a tradition for me but I stopped around the time EA killed the franchise with its bullshit.


I know you guys are playing word association but it made me think of a game called Metroid Lost where Samus crash lands on a planet, he power suit is stolen, and it becomes a Metroidvania Survival/Crafting game.


Dread's great until you realize that, from a distance, Samus looks like a purple dominatrix wearing a lime-green Borat mankini with her Gravity Suit.


I fuggin' love The Merkins.


A fellow writer and bro Martin Shannon posted a sampling of my novel Death Dealers on his new YouTube channel. You should check it out, and check out his work, too! He's prolific AF.


Post your Halloween horny in the comments.


I facepalmed so hard I have a concussion.


Happy Birthday, Mike! Your bottomless support for my mad scribblings has been a great big positive of my year and you deserve life, love and happiness for it. And I want to be inside you.


That GoG port of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is worth the price. The biggest flaw of the original was its loading times, and those are practically non-existent now.


I was almost hoping for Sakurai to step out, say he's too exhausted, there are no more Smash characters, and leave. And his whole team just gets the sleep they deserve, ignoring the meltdown the follows from the Smash community that only wants more hype.


There are some great undead-themed games coming out this October and I feel spoiled for choice. Blood West, Age of Darkness, The Unliving... What's a necromancy stan to do?


I dunno guys the new Mario looks okay.


Ugh, yes, brain. Let's think of all the wonderful people in your life, some of whom you were planning to build a future with, who left you because you're a high-strung asshole.


Warhammer 40k: Space Marine just quietly got a 10th Year Anniversary edition.


I'm still dealing with weird respiratory issues. I don't know what the cause is. I thought it might be allergies, now my ma thinks it might be a mild covid case, I just don't fucking know anymore. I just want it gone.


Spent Thursday not moving and playing mindless video games. Then I slept for like, 12 hours and had a big lunch. Feel like I'm finally starting to calm down. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes. Also, Death Dealers is still free until tonight. Grab it!


Had a lovely late-night experience at the ER last night. First I was afraid it was Covid, then the doctor thought it might be a heart attack. Turns out it was just a pussy-ass panic attack, probably 'cause I haven't been sleeping at all lately. Oy.


What up, Dtoid? I just released my second book. I think it's even better than my first. Link in the comments, and hey, have a beautiful fucking day, you amazing people!


Okay I lied. I have two freebies for you today. Links in the comments.


Psst. Hey you. Yeah, you. Wanna free ebook? Death Dealers is free this week. Maybe grab yourself a copy, and then you can pick up my newest book, Blood Bonds, on Wednesday. I know right? That's like two books for the price of one. Link in the comments.


Capcom, my proposal: a Resident Evil game that is 100% horror and dread, none of the cartoon supervillain corporation with a sci-fi Death Star base in the sewers and anime monsters. I know you can do it.


Good news, guys. I bought a food truck.


Dunno if you guys follow League of Legends or not, I don't play it, but I love the sheer creativity they pour into their characters and setting. Some folks hate this new Thresh for being too human, but necromancy is my brand and I really enjoyed it.


There's a few minutes before midnight, so I'm technically not late in saying Happy Birthday, Dere! ...Yeah, I don't buy that, either.


The Fallout devs should make a final sequel, full of noblebright against the radioactive specter of death, where the Vault Boy (or Girl, or They) defeats Vault-Tec from GECKing the planet and humanity or something. Then reboot the series, full grimdark.


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