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Hello there. I'm Shea, a student at UC Davis, currently majoring in East Asian Studies and History. I have played games for as long as I can remember, starting on the SNES with plenty of Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country sessions with my brother.

However, it wasn't until middle school that games became a real passion for me, as I founded some really close friendships with some fellow Super Smash Bros. players.

For now, I'm just enjoying school and everything the world has to offer, but eventually I hope to pursue a career in writing about games.

I have been reading and periodically posting comments on Destructoid since about a year after it was created, so I've been here for most of the website's ups and downs. Dtoid is by and far my favorite website because of the awesome community and great writing staff. Funny story: I actually first found out about Dtoid via an episode of Attack of the Show on G4, where they mentioned an article on the site about a mod that let you see nude characters in Soul Calibur 3, complete with a screen shot of Ivy's vag. I think this was a fitting way to be introduced to Destructoid.

I probably play FPSs the most, but I enjoy a wide variety of game genres. I pretty much the same way about film and music; as long as it's good, I can dig it. Metroid is my favorite game series, and I'm a pretty big fan of the Nintendo series, though I'm not really thrilled with the direction that company has taken recently. I'm also a fan of Half-Life (or anything Valve), F.E.A.R., Gears of War, and Call of Duty to name a few shooter series, and I really enjoyed Lost Odyssey (though I've yet to complete it), Persona 3, and Eternal Sonata on the JRPG side of things. These are just a few examples however; I'm interested in many different games.

I own all the current-gen systems and try to keep up with current releases as best as possible, allowing for schoolwork or lack of funds. I probably play my 360 the most, but I am devoting a bit more time to my PS3 as of late. Send a message if you're ever interested in playing something.

Other interests: Film, Anime, Sci-fi, Japanese culture.

Also, Mr. Destructoid has appeared at my school.