DeS: Smash Ultimate: Ridley hits it big time, moves explained

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Used Games: They're the Devil!

Developers = Publishers and Developers The used game market is a very controversial market. Developers hate it, Gamestop and EB Games loves it. No matter where you actually stand on the used game war, we can all agree that it's a swift kic...


This Complex Needs Work

My opinions on Shadow Complex have been completely varied; one minute I love it, the next it makes me want to rip out my own eyes. Iím not saying the game is bad, Shadow Complex is "decent"; I just feel that the game is too overrated and pe...


The Bash 2009 Predictions (NVGR)

I was planning on doing this in my weeks wrap-up but I've decided I'm just going to put the results in the wrap-up cause of time troubles. I may also start doing a wrap-up every two weeks instead of weekly. Michelle McCool def. Melina- Nob...


The start of something new.

Lately, I've been wanting to start something new when it comes to what I do on this site that involves wrestling, I've done threads and stuff but I never really liked doing that seeing as if I post two times in a row, I can't post a third. ...


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