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My Gaming Setup

Since people have started showing their gaming setups, I thought I should post mine to share. Here is where I spend all my money and time. The tv is a Sharp D82 46" Xbox 360 with HD-DVD Gamecube HD Cablebox Oppo 981HD upconverting playe...


Dualshock 3 in Canada!

My Dualshock 3 controller I got off Ebay came today from Hong Kong! HELLS YEAH! Complete with Japanese packaging and everything. I'm so stolked! No instructions (that I could read anyway), or USB cable, just the controller. Pulled it o...


Caved to the PS3

So, I finally caved to buy a PS3. Mind you I mainly bought it as a blu-ray player, not a game machine really, because thats what my Xbox 360 is for. A local store had a brand new 60gb version, so I had to take the opportunity to get it fo...


Blu-Ray on HD-DVD?!? Say WHAT??

I'm going to start off first saying that, yes I have an HD-DVD player. Its what I chose, based on having my Xbox 360, and Transformers being released HD-DVD exclusive. I'm not looking for another HD vs. Blu fight here. So, are you looking...


About TheExitone of us since 3:27 PM on 04.17.2007

I'm a Mac fanboy. Xbox 360 is my system, along with Gamecube for Anything Zelda. Graphic Design Graduate. Fav games are Gears of War, Forza 2, Bioshock, EA's Skate when it comes out. I skateboard, play guitar, interested in photography, and film.

Its kind of ironic that I loath Windows computers but have a 360.