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I'm Back From The Dead, So Enjoy This Stroll Through My Game Room(s)

Hello fellow DToiders, TheDustinThomas here. I've missed you all. It's been almost a month since my last CBlog, which is completely unacceptable considering that I try to churn out something at least once a week. But there's a reason for my absence, I was moving into my new home. Some of you may remember the blog I wrote back in December talking about how I had to start being a grown up, and I wrote about how my wife and I were moving into a big kid house. Well, we finally moved, and the last few weeks have left me with very little time to get any writing done between work and organizing the home. I have a few blog ideas in the works, but I need some more time to flesh them out, so I figure just to get back into the swing of things, I'll show you my new game rooms. Yes, rooms. Plural.

That wasn't supposed to happen. It's a four-bedroom house, so we intended to have one game room, and another room that was going to be the game storage area. Well, one thing lead to another and suddenly the storage room is now the retro room. So, just as something fun, and to make me feel better about putting up a new blog, I just wanted to give you a photo gallery of our new game rooms. Let's begin with the modern game room.

As soon as you walk in, you'll be greeted by these gems:

My wife is actually a very good artist, that 1-UP painting was something she made for me for our first Valentine's Day together.

Here's some more of the stuff she's made for me that adorns our walls...

She surprised me with Mr. Burns for my birthday, pictured with some other goodies. In case you didn't know, I'm a huge Simpsons and Terminator fan.

Lastly, she made a painting of my favorite Mario character, Blarrg:

I've also acquired a lot of posters over the years from various places, but Club Nintendo in particular.

There you see a picture that my friend Allie made for me honoring my wrestling career. Here's a close-up of the two pictures in the corner.

That one on top is my senior prom picture, the guy in the white is my best friend, Cole, who passed away back in 2006. The lower picture in the frame (with a random picture of my friend James) was a gift from my brother-in-law, another momento from my wrestling career. No game room is complete without some sentimental items.

And here's a close-up of the game shelf.

That Chrono Trigger picture is actually how we seated people at our wedding: "You're at the Chrono Trigger table." You may be asking why I have Superman 64 on display. It's signed by the Angry Video Game Nerd, that's why.

The final poster (in this room, at least).

Yes, we own the entire series of Full House. Shut up.

This next picture is my favorite thing in the room.

This shelf perfectly sums up all of my loves in life: Mario, The Simpsons, and some old Hasbro WWF figures. Let's take a closer look...

And no room of mine would be complete without a Simpsons-themed touch lamp.

Alright, that's enough of this room, let's move on to the other game room.

Upon entering, you'll immediately notice this wall:

Some wrestling memories, as well as a Mario poster that seems a bit out of place, but that's because it's covering up a relatively bad part of the wall. To the right, we have the bookshelf.

It's a bit hard to see from a distance, but when we look closer, you can see that almost every book I own is either a pro wrestler's autobiography, or a strategy guide. On top we have a figure of myself that a fan made from the mold of a Kevin Nash figure. Speaking of figures, I have a lot of them.

Of course I have a "Classy" Freddy Blassie figure, what about it?

Overall, I would say this is only about 20% of my entire collection, I still have four boxes full of toys that I don't have room to display.

Now, let's take a look at my pride and joy, the thing I've spent years on, my NES collection.

Lots of time, lots of money, and far from complete. Collecting has had to go on the back burner due to funds, and the fact that I refuse to pay what most people sell them for, but the wife and I still search. To the left we have some NES (and one N64) posters.

And to the right of the game shelf is an additional bookshelf full of goodies.

As you can tell, I have a thing for bobbleheads.

Lastly, we have the actual game setup.

Fun story about that Powerglove, I once used it as a weapon in a match a ways back. On the lower shelf in this picture, there's an N64, GameCube, and Dreamcast.

If you ever step into this room, and you start to feel like you're being watched, don't worry, that's just the Undertaker staring through your soul.

So that's that. Thanks for taking this tour through pictures of my game rooms. I hope you enjoyed it. I just wanted to do this for fun, and things have slowed down enough for me that I should be able to get some more actual writing done. Anyway, have a good one DToiders.

Thanks for reading/looking.


P.S. In case anyone cares, I started a podcast. Give it a listen.
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