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Help a Fellow DToid Member with a Research Project

Hey everybody, this quarter of college I'm taking a class about mass media. I have to do a research project, and the topic I chose is more or less "Is video game violence desensitizing?"

Being born in 1985 and growing up with the NES, I still remember a time before the ESRB was around and games weren't being banned for being too violent.

My exact topic is this:

"I plan to study whether or not video games are desensitizing people to violence. Being an avid video game player my entire life, I often find that when viewing other violent media (horror films, The Walking Dead, etc.) that I can handle pretty much all of its violent content without trouble. However, when viewing real-life violence (the Daniel Berg video, animal cruelty), I still tend to get a bit squeamish. I would like to study whether this is just my own personal view, or if other people have this problem."

And my hypothesis is:

"I expect to find that people in my demographic are more likely to have my same viewpoint, whereas an older demographic are more offended by violent media, and a younger demographic is less so."

One of the ways I've chosen to do my research is by talking to members of the gaming community for their opinions, and since you guys are the best community on the net, I'm asking for yours.

If you wish to help, please leave your opinions in the comments, along with your comment, please leave your gender and age, as I'm also going to do research based on gender and age demographics. Please note that by leaving comment, you're giving me permission to use your comments in my paper, and if you don't want any information or your opinion seen by fellow DToid members, please feel free to private message me. Much appreciated guys.

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