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Aamaazing: SSX

I lost my gaming V-Card at the tender age of 3, when I was spoiled rotten with a new Nintendo 64 and a slew of titles. Since then I've been an avid gamer, constantly itching to get my grubby toddler hands on a new game. And a good four ye...


Ode To The Automatic Shotgun

Hell yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to commemorate one of the most amazing and deadly weapons found in the modern shooter: the automatic shotgun. Often overlooked and unfortunately replaced by longer-range weapons (read: Leet...


The Future: Gaming's Messiah

Picture this: it's sometime in the (hopefully near) future. Over 75% of the world play games on a regular basis; the game industry is booming and an Xbox is seen in homes as much as refrigerators or TVs. Just last Wednesday, Destructoid j...


The Importance of A Bad Girl

The "Bad Girl" is an interesting device used in modern media. They are used to represent lost love, convey a sense of corrupted beauty, and so forth. Many just pass off the "bad girl" character as sexual exploitation, but if done correctl...


Can A Community Ruin A Game?

[WARNING: You are about to write an extremely whiny rant. Brace yourself!] You reload your M4. You look down the sights. No enemies anywhere. You walk down the corridor. Boom. You died. A camper has struck again. I'm sure you hav...


Gasp! I'm purchasing a JRPG!

Ok I'll be blunt: I've never played a JRPG. Never. Never ever. I havn't even thought of picking up a Final Fantasy game, nor have I played and of the "classics" like Chrono Trigger or Earthbound. I've always been a fan of Western RPGs, ...


I Hate My Age Group.

And here's why. Many of you do not know this, although I've made it a point in my other blogs, I am a young gamer. At the age of 15, I'm often grouped in with the "adolescent" crowd. The actual age, however, is not the problem. Call me ...


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