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The failure of YouTube rewind 2017




YouTube is the worst. This site has been scamming it’s creators out of their money and has the most unfair systems in place so that clickbait and quantity trumps the people who put real work in. Yet I watch videos on it everyday, for my own entertainment. That’s because of the genuine effort that people put in towards making quality content. Content creators like TheOdd ones out, Jacksepticeye, Muselk, Alpharad, and many others. The site is an escape for everyone, not just the viewer. That’s why this years rewind disappointed me so much. In an attempt to make light of this years trends, and celbrate YouTube as a whole, they missed the point of what that meant. What we saw was a mishmash of people, namely good looking ones, spinning way to many fidget spinners and throwing paint. Hell, any animated you tubers only got a couple of seconds at the end of the video. And you can see these people doing their best to make this thing great, but in the end, it’s just a series of images. . You can see bits of light poking through, but this is simply a ridiculous video through and through, and nothing  heartfelt or sincere comes from it. Now that I’m done ranting, Thanks for reading my halfassed post. Have a wonderful day

- Cool your jets haters

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