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Devilman:Crybaby is a masterpeice.It’s visuals and soundtrack are entrancing, while the story is raw and intriguing. The sudden shift the show takes is unexpected and shocking. The ending is one of my favorites, and the characters are wonderful. 9.25/10


Okay, so I’ve just gotten paid for lawnmowing, and have saved enough to blow on a new game. Do I wait for dark souls remastered, or does anybody have suggestions? I have ps4, Xbox, and switch, and like most genres


Nier:Automata was a beautiful, depressing, and thoughtful journey. The world itself was gorgeous, the characters and story were phenomenal, and the gameplay was just downright fun. The final ending brought me to tears, and I know I’ll be back. 10/10


Well fuck. I was right about Nier’s third playthrough. On one hand, sadness and anger. On the other, A2 has the best combat by far.


Okay, route 2 is down for Nier: Automata. Only one left, I think. Im exited, but I just know this is going to be really fucking sad and mess with my head. I feel it in my Plug-In chips.


Just started Kill la Kill after seeing it on netflix. I knew the name, but nothing else about it. Let’s just say that the guy in the desk behind me is going to be steering clear of me for a bit.


So Jeff Kaplan has said that they are considering killing a character off. What character would you guys like to see bite the bullet? For lore, not gameplay reasons.


$120... I don’t need it... I don’t need it...


$120... I don’t need it... I don’t need it...


That Disgaea 1 remake looks awesome. I’ve not finished D5 yet, but this is the perfect reason to start playing again. Definitely getting that collectors edition. Also, tips for leveling in Disgaea 5? Cristoph, the green haired guy, is doing no damage


I had idea. What if D.Va’s mech was taken over by an AI, and her legs were broken by it. Then the character remains as an omnic or AI controlling the mech, and she becomes another character that utilizes a wheelchair and small troops, and isn’t so bor


Steins;Gate 0 ( the VN) is great so far. It shows so well how broken Okabe is after what happened, and the new art style is pretty great. ( although I kinda miss the watercolor astetic) It’s also a lot easier to know what to do to get the different endi


Ready player one was fantastic. A great mix and of classic and new references, while telling a compelling story that was equal parts funny, action packed, and engaging. The CG stuff was pretty damn good as well. 9/10


Okay, almost done with steins gate, but I have an idea. I’m going to do every route exept the true ending, then watch the anime to see it. Sooo the age old question... Sub or dub?


Fuuuck. I’m getting sucked into the steins gate fandom, aren’t I?


So exited for spring break! Headed to Maine to be with my family, and play Xenoblade 2 on the 12 hour drives there and back. Any plans for you guys?


Well, Spike Chunsoft announces Zenki Zero for the west, and that’s cool, but where’s danganronpa: dancing Despair night?


Well, Spike Chunsoft announces Zenki Zero for the west, and that’s cool, but where’s danganronpa: dancing Despair night?


Well, Spike Chunsoft announces Zenki Zero for the west, and that’s cool, but where’s danganronpa: dancing Despair night?


Just as I get back into steins gate and beat the game, they announce an improved version a better system. Damn it all!


My friend came over today and asked to play Persona 5, and so we went through the first couple hours. I know how I felt when I fell in love with the game, but watching him play it and express exactly what I felt confirmed it as my favorite game of all tim


New sonic mania DLC my dudes! I was not expecting fucking RAY THE FLYING SQUIRREL, but you know what, take what you get and thank our lord and savior Christian Whitehead


Here’s the first dessert I’ve ever made for someone. Turned out better than I had hoped!


Here’s a school project I’m working on. Spoopy enough?


Sorry I keep posting about this, but I’m dying of anticipation for the 23rd




After reading up on it, I literally cannot wait for Ni No Kuni II. And as an added bonus, Spike Chinsoft is announcing 4 new games on the same day!!


Okay, I’m slowly becoming a fan of horror movies/games/books. Any suggestions?


Kind of disappointed with the new OW hero. They said she’d be “meta-breaking” but she feels underpowered and lame


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