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LAST CHANCE FOR THE NEW DTOID DRAWS! The theme is "Best Sidekicks". I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main characters! Blog coming by tomorrow evening




Mirama's got some on-disk game settings now! Could be a nice place to hide some easter eggs when all's said and done ^^


In non-election news, Evangelion 3.0+1.0 low-key disappointing. I was expecting better from its great reviews. More details in comments.


Should be an interesting election night tonight -- wonder how the rest of the world will react when it learns it's been annexed to Qu├ębec come tomorrow morning.


That's Deltarune chapter 2 finished! Loved it to pieces! Mechanically it's a bit less elegant than Undertale (and even Deltarune chapter 1) but the improved art, scale, and especially the direction the story's taking? Top of the shelf. Me to Toby:


Time to begin a new Deltarune chapter! The animation quality keeps improving from Undertale to ch.1 to ch2. Makes me wonder if the original chapter will be retouched!


I'll say, the new Wario Ware is pretty poggy! Sweet Moves remains my favorite in the series, but the new one's got a nice twist to it and the Wario Cup is a great concept


Now my left joycon doesn't even work anymore when plugged in. It works just fine wireless, then you plug it in and it does nothing. I have become a being of pure rage, Nintendo will fall before my very hands for their embarrassing controller quality.


I didn't have much to show with regards to Mirama progress this weekend -- mainly polishing the dialogue history and improving rendering and random resolutions, not super exciting stuff. But I did do something on monday I'm happy with: a website!


First time going back since the pandemic and yep, Chez Victor still got it! Lovely borg


Time for my Scott Pilgrim x Yakuza concept to become reality!


Watched Evangelion 2.0 yesterday, had a great time! I really like the new takes on the characters, complementing nicely their original counterparts. Made me smile more than a couple times, even if they were pushing it a bit with the fanservice in it.


I really dig Jack-O in Strive, much more so than in Xrd! She's still extremely unique and strange to play, but in a way that has a more fun payoff in my opinion. If only you could start matches with her mask off!


I did work on Mirama a bit while I was traveling during my vacations! Added a conversation history, which is a feature I always enjoy when it's available. I do have a trigger-happy thumb that can lead me to skip important text haha. Bump #2!


Just noticed this satisfying quickpost count so... AMA? I'll answer everything first thing tomorrow morning :)


I'm Tayne. I'm a professional Dancer. I can't wait to entertain ya.


And with the final case done, I have completed both The Great Ace Attorneys. I didn't think I'd be able to say this, but they ended up beating Trials and Tribulations for me. Can't recommend enough. There's going to be a Sholmes-sized hole in my heart.


Only the final case left in The Great Ace Attorney 2 for me... The game is truly afoot!


Good morning to everyone but especially the people behind the Great Ace Attorney soundtrack


Also here's a sneak peak at a revamped pause menu! Any progress on Mirama is good considering how I've been spending my limited free time on exclusively one game haha


I overcame my fear of the British today to quickly sketch the adorable Gina Lestrade from The Great Ace Attorney! Plaid is cool and good.


Finished The Great Ace Attorney 1, just begun the second case in the second game. Super happy to say the quality stayed high all the way until the end. Phenomenal stuff.


Happy birth gaj and kerrik! I don't have any good memes on hand, hopefully this is suitable replacement


With 8 billion people around the globe, there's gotta be at least one out there who's smooched a bee


I can't believe the great Herlock Sholmes would do this


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