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I hope y'all are pronouncing his name like "Teedus", not "Taidus" >:(


Had a great time playing Guilty Gear with Frosty and Hypno today! Hypno's May was a menace, please stay careful in the presence of dolphins y'all.


Guilty Gear Strive is dope by the way. Went into ranked and am having a 50% win rate in floor 5 which makes me pretty satisfied with playing online (especially with that wonderful netcode)!


Funny, the two games that are going to be the heaviest hitters for most, Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Dread, are the ones I'm most ambivalent on. But this was still a great direct! New Wario Ware, Super Monkey Ball, good Mario Party, Advance Wars...


I watched Bo Burnham's Inside today. It's really good -- don't go in(side) expecting it to blow your mind and you'll find a moving, melancholic concert with just enough humor to help swallow that pill better.


Yo the new Guilty Gear opening is really sick!


The Binding of Isaac board game is having an expansion on Kickstarter! It's obviously going to feature a lot of things from the video game's DLC like the alternate main characters, but it's also featuring cards from other indie games ^^


Hey dtoid! How would you feel about a new installment of Destructoid Draws? If you're interested, check out the comments for a very important question! Bump - Last chance to make your opinion heard before it starts!


I need to do some offset/timing work but Mélodie's movement is taking shape! Exciting times ^^


Oh snap, the blog section works again! Time to shill my NieR/Drakengard weapon story blog again? Haha, just kidding................................ unless? Anyway, thanks for repairing this important pillar of the site quickly ^^


While we wait for the site to fix itself -- I was sketching potential logos for Mirama yesterday. What do you think, got a favorite? Edit: #brokenbump to be able to post a comment haha


10 days until Guilty Gear Strive aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Hope everyone's got a nice weekend planned! My left arm is seriously sore, but it shouldn't stop me from doing some work on Mirama haha. To warm up I made a portrait for Béatrice's new design! ^^ (typo bump...)


Posted a new blog yesterday! It was kind of a speed writing challenge, coming up with as many NieR-esque weapon stories as possible after work, dinner and a very important Binding of Isaac run. Link in comments! ^^ Bump!


Restocked on Montellier Lime sparkling water. Current status.




Actually working with someone else on Mirama means I actually needed to plan things ahead of time and sketch things to get the general idea across, even if I'm not the one doing the art. So... bunch of sketches in the comments for those interested! Bump!


If you're looking for a free game to play with friends, I heartily recommend Gartic Phone! You play it in a web browser, you draw some stuff and guess what other people drew in turn, it's a great time! Other examples with dtoid friends in comments. ^^


I wonder what this Discord server could be for...... (Mysterious bump!)


Phew, it's been six days since I've played a video game. Let's hope next week is a little less hectic haha


Scores are out for Fore, which I made for Ludum Dare 48 with Triggerpigking! I'm real happy with the ratings we got, considering I'm still very much a game dev neophyte. ^^ Final bump!


Possible futures are... blending with the time we currently inhabit! The light... I hear a s o n


Guilty Gear Beta quick thoughts -- I've already forgotten how Ramlethal works, I-No's really fun!


Friendly reminder that the Guilty Gear Strive open beta starts in three hours! It's on PS4/PS5, rooms are shared between both. Anyone here interested in doing some friday night fighting tomorrow? Let me know!


Still thinkin about NieR. When the new take on Kainé's theme appears... The river of pogs is overflowing. It's magical.


The new ending in the NieR remake is so good that it made me kinda emotional.


Got my first ending in NieR -- and all weapons! Stuff done in The Binding of Isaac, visited grandma (outside) for mother's day... Productive weekend! Now, I should work on Mirama again. Don't look at me like that, it'll get done!


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