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Over nine thousssaaannndd!!!1!


Goku pulls over his hover car, and looks back at the police officer walking towards the car.
"Great, Chi-chi is going to kill me.

The officer steps up to the car and takes off his sunglasses.

“Good afternoon officer. What seems to be the problem?”

The officer takes out his ticket book and says, “I caught you speeding back there.”

“Speeding?? I didn’t realize…Was I going that fast..?”

“Yessir, you were going pretty dang fast.”

Goku looks puzzled… “What speed was I going?”

The officer looks at Goku and takes a deep breath. He squeezes his ticket book and yells, “IT WAS OVER NINE THOUUUUUSAAAANDD!!!!!

Goku: -.-‘
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