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Being a Woman in the Videogame Industry


Almost everybody has been hit by a certain series of happenings which we've come to call GamerGate. Thanks to GamerGate a lot of the old "women in gaming" debate has been sadly undusted.

Let me clear this out: Being a woman in the videogame industry is not a big deal. 

I have not been frowned upon, nobody has thought less of me, I have encountered no special obstacles whatsoever, sorry to disappoint you. So what's the deal with people who think women are more or less just because.

For me the saddest moment in the whole discrimination issue was when I was at GDC back in 2012. Everything was going wonderfully according to plan, I had met a lot of interesting people and even managed to make a few friends. And there I was, in the San Francisco cold post-winter winds, when I saw a large line forming to enter an event. This event was called: "Women in Gaming". And almost everyone on the line was, well, women....

For me, the discrimination is self inflicted, and the whole thing is ridicoulous, by being overly victimized or extremely feminist, women have drawn the line and have insisted that there is a difference, fighting to vanquish what's not vanquishable, because it is not existent.

It's true that we have both genetic and history to blame for our lack of participation in this industry a few years back, but that is not so right now. Even if we were engineered to think about raising families and worry about keeping the house clean, these are clearly stereotypes which aren't really true today.

Throughout my life, I've been called a tomboy because I like games... by women! As if games were a specific asset for men, and women who took part in this were weirdoes. 

I wouldn't put myself in a special place just because I'm a woman, I won't recognize any event, comment, hashtag that separates me from the rest just because I'm a woman, no matter if that separation puts me below or over men. 

So I'm sorry to dissappoint everyone, but GamerGate is not really about gender inequality, it's about people who can't manage their personal lives and who think that everyone should be involved in what is clearly not of public interest.

The day the self-inflicted discrimination ends will be the day that women stop calling each other tomboys for liking games, and stop going to events called "Women in Gaming", unless of course, there is a parallel event of equal importance called "Men in Gaming".

Even more, many people have come to ask me how did I manage to enter in the videogame industry being a woman. I have to supress my eyes from rolling as I answer "Just like if I were a dude".

So women, don't be discouraged, there's nothing to fear, this industry is big enough for women and men, and we all would live happily if it weren't for the auto discrimination some women veterans are inflicting upon ourselves, and very publicly so.

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