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The Death of New Year's Resolution #2

Well, it was good in theory, but I don't think I have the willpower to save up for a PS3 by March 9th just for FFXIII. Well, there's other games, I just have no urgency to have a PS3, really.

I've already broken the whole "let's not buy games til then" thing anyway. I've already grabbed Pangya, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Shadow of the Colossus in the last few weeks. All good deals, too.

March 2010 is too hard to stand up to. I mean, as a DS gamer, I'm already overwhelmed by March anyway - Infinite Space, Shin Megami Tensei and Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver are all pretty big deals to me.

And then there's Ace Attorney Investigations, Korg DS-10 Plus and even PSP gets a moment to shine with Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. So, fuck resolution #2, its not working. Hopefully the second quarter will be more merciful to my wallet.

Its not like I'm gonna die without playing FFXIII anytime soon anyway. I've missed other big franchise releases and not suffered one iota for it. If that special edition of FFXIII with the comic book and novel is released in the US, though, I'll at least pick up the game when it launches. I like getting stuff like that.

The lack of hurry is also because I lack the whole HDTV thing, its probably for the best to get that before I get a PS3. I don't need a huge HDTV, but I want want that will last so I'm looking to get an LED one, which sort of raises the price point, unfortunately.

So the new plan is getting PS3 sometime mid-summer and grabbing an HDTV in the second quarter. I haven't been sucked into the nega-hype train surrounding FFXIII or anything. You can rely on people overreacting to the latest FF title like the sun rising. I'm sure its as fun as any other, for whatever is "wrong" with it.

But it can wait. I waited this long, after all.

Resolution #1 was easier to keep - Quit FFXI. I had fallen away from playing much late last year anyway. It just hurt a little to see my Tarutaru and Mithra characters for what I knew would be the last time, so logged out my Mithra before the leader of her tribe and my Tarutaru in Heaven's Tower.

Yeah, I pick funny names, Foobar and Omgwtfbbqkitten. And no, its not the Omgwtfbbqkitten from WoW or anywhere else you saw it. That one started as a mule account (MMO lingo for "character we store things on when inventory on the other character is cramped") and I eventually just started leveling her one day. If nothing else, people always remembered the character for that name.

Well, and I was a pretty damn good Ranger and Corsair on that character, if I do say so myself. Ranger, Corsair and Scholar ended up being my favorites of the game. I've always end up skewing to ranged attackers or support classes in these kinds of games.

When news of Corsair came about, i dropped everything else I had ever leveled up because it was the online version of the Gambler class. While it was dressed up as a pirate, everything in its character lore positively reeked of Setzer Gabbiani, even right down to the naming of the band of pirates the job's story related to - the Seagull Phatrie ("gabbiani" being Italian for "seagull")

Qultada - the epitome of all Corsairs in the game - spoke in Setzer-isms, too.

More or less, this version of Gambler was a mix of party support and ranged attacker - which suited me to a T. They were given guns, bullets, cards, enchanted magical shots referred to as "Quick Draws" and we buffed parties by gambling with Phantom Rolls. Each type of buff we did was based on the job trait of some other class and we'd roll buffs without trying to exceed the number 11 or hit the roll's unlucky number, which would lead to a bust and penalize only the Corsair's stats for a brief time

A Slot ability wouldn't have been practical, so this spin on Blackjack was the core of our support role. Gil Toss wouldn't have been a great ability, either, the job consisted of hemorrhaging gil anyway.

Scholar came along and surprised me. I mean, the job only ever appeared in Final Fantasy III and were it to play by those rules, it would have sucked. But they took it in a really cool direction. Scholars didn't get a lot in the way of unique magic, but they got abilities that could change the properties of those spells. I could amp up the potency of Fire IV or even convert Stoneskin magic to hit every ally in my party (basically Stoneskin was a spell that would give free, invisible HP to the caster, allowing a certain amount of HP damage to be nullified before real damage resumed, the Accession ability let me share that spell with others in my group).

And the Harry Potter getup was kinda hard to resist. It was a great job, looked cool like Corsair and while not the most popular to play, always needed and appreciated. I always had fun with it though.

That's all behind me now, though, back to the world of single-player stuff for a while. It was a good time and I'm still in touch with people from that experience. I'll probably post a deeper memoir on it at a later date with pics I very much look forward to reuniting with friends in FFXIV!


The "Wiping All Out" blog series is still planned, it'll just be an ongoing thing as I beat games - no deadline pressure on the concept now.

I've recently finished Devil Summoner 2 and Digital Devil Saga, but I'm also near the end of Digtial Devil Saga 2, Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Shadow of the Colossus. So I need a little time to sort out what I want to speak on.

Also inclined to blog a bit about Shin Megami Tensei in general, since its one of my favorite franchises and Strange Journey isn't too far off. Anyway. Rambling. Done for now.
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My platforms of choice tend to be handhelds, I'm starting to consider dropping any non-Nintendo console in favor of PC since Sony's IPs don't appeal to me and Halo just ends up on PC at some point anyway. I don't hate Playstation per se, I just hate what its become under the current Sony.

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