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Origin of the Oath and resetting the world.

So I'm looking forward to seeing Green Lantern Saturday, being a DC fan and all. You gotta admit DC has balls Marvel just doesn't have. I mean, they're about to pull a massive reboot of the entire DC comic book universe and its full in scale.

I suppose some people will argue that Grant Morrison fucked up all of the DCU, but I like to think of it as a pleasant mindscrew that needed to happen before a needed reboot. I mean, they did maintain these plotlines since the late 70s. That's a lot of history to adhere to and that limits what you can do with characters. Marvel just reboots pretty much every time they fuck something up, which is apparently a lot - comics, movies, Broadway plays... just pick one.

If you think keeping up with Metal Gear or Kingdom Hearts is hard, try keeping up with all they've done to superheroes and all the characters they're connected to - who've they've lost, how they've changed and all that.

So pulling a JJ Abrams with the DCU is understandable. If I was tasked with appeasing nerds that still read comics in their 30s and 40s, I'd hit the reset button eventually, too. Or shoot myself in the face. Comic book nerds and Trekkies can get scary, you know.

If you haven't seen one, just cruise by the nearest mirror. That's about what they look like, now imagine the furious rage before the keyboard and their belief that the DCU or Star Trek needed to remain as they were. You're getting closer. If you've potentially raged over Nintendo's refusal to release an official Zelda timeline, you're right there.

The Green Lantern comics haven't ever been my favorite, but when I first saw DCU Online, a GL was pretty much all I wanted to be and to my crushing disappointment there's no option to be a GL yet, so I have yet to play.

But there is the movie, so I'm going to go see that tomorrow. I know the basic history of the GL story, so this should be good fun and they seem to be aiming to keep it faithful for the most part. Ever since Batman Begins, DC movies have been far better than the Marvel ones.

But how is any of this related to video games, you ask?

Quite simple, really.

Team Rocket. They're nothing but a bunch of rejected applicants to the Green Lantern Corps.

I have proof, of course.

What more needs to be said? The Guardians took their rings away. Hal did better on his GL entrance exam, Team Rocket is just never covered in the GL origin because they're not worth mentioning. But the guys at Warner Bros. remember and let them revise the oath for their own purposes. Warner does own DC, after all.

Anyway that's it. I hope you have enjoyed my amazing MS Paint skills.

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