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Why we need places like GAF.

Playing devils advocate can be a real bitch sometimes, this isn't one of those times. I'm not naming any names, but a certain few people have a hard time appreciating what these gaming forums do for them. Forums give them a general consensus of how their related product is viewed, which can be detrimental to how a game or product is received by we, the consumers.

Forums like GAF takes this whole concept (possibly inadvertently) and push and voice concerns that could be well put. It's folly to think that a haughty developer of a product would care so less about their "masterpiece" not to listen to a negative opinion as long as it holds some perceptive merit to it. Not paying attention to their audience and critics alike is what holds back a work from being as good as it could be.

I encourage developing and producing companies to look more into the range of opinions we call these series of tubes. We of the internet may not be certified in any way to professionally preview your piece of soft/hardware, but as humans we have the same thought process as any who are in the practice. Workers of the trade are to scrutinize the product to prevent it from being an impotent piece of shit (pardon), but the people tend to see the big picture and the whole of those parts. I don't know why I do it, but I tend to simplify my thoughts on something into a single sentence.

Example: "Crysis is a good game, but I can't run it on my computer"
I could put more effort into talking about how badly optimized the game was, but thinking about it get's me confused since there so many damn games these days.

As the makers of our entertainment, the developers need to take a step back from the "enormous depth" and see if it is even fun, or if it even plays well. Both of those can observed in motion and subsequently judged upon by the viewer.

In conclusion, no matter how callous a remark or concern is to your product, embrace it and don't ignore it. God forbid you challenge an opinion on the grounds of someone else's more "qualified" opinion. Gamers are just looking out for ya'.

Well, that's that. This is merely what I think of the current situation of how developers should view the public as a useful companion and not a throwaway. Fee; free to post yours as well.
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