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Feeling love for 'The Suffering'

Reading Aborto Thefetus's post about fear led to me thinking about The Suffering. I absolutly LOVE this game, at first I was gonna write a post on my blog at therottingzombie.blogspot.com (shameless plug) but it is not really zombie oriantated so thought I would stick it here instead. Look I know my spelling is bad ok!

The Suffering is an amazing survival horror action game, and one of the most atmospheric games I have ever had the pleasure of playing (along with...Doom 3...).

The game features you as a new deathrow inmate on the Prison Island of Carnate. Soon after arriving there is an earthquake which frees you from your cell. It soon becomes apparant that the prison has been invaded by monsters, prisoners and prison guards alike are being hunted down and killed. Your goal is to escape the island. Along the way you can choose to help both the guards and prisoners, ignore them, or even kill them all. The cutscenes and ending change depending on your actions.

The monsters are all based on different cruelities which have occured on the cursed island, the reason for thier arrival is never made apparant, I myself like to think that all the evil done on the island through it's history has caused a gateway to Hell to open up.

The island has a really logical feel to it, it doesnt feel like a series of levels, but more like a real place. As well as the Prison itself there is an old insane asylum, a disused military base, and various other historical buildings. Thier backstory is told both through brief flashbacks that occur in game, as well as an archive accesed from the main menu. These really give the island a sense of real history, fantastic.

The back story of the monsters, the locations, and the events that have happened make this game, it would be a bland nothing without, I can't recommend the game enough.

I played this game in its entirity one rainy Sunday, 6 hours, without even a toilet break, it was an amazing experiance. Apart from 'Stubbs the Zombie' and 'Resident Evil 2' it is the only game I have played in one go start to finish the day I got it.

I had high hopes for the sequel 'The Suffering: Ties that bind'. The opening section was fantastic, continuing directly from the ending of the first one it had your character being apprahended at the docks at Baltimore and taken back into custody, until the evil of Carnate island catches up with you and the madness starts again. The game completly fell downhill with...ugh it's too painful to talk about, needless to say the locations were terrible, the story over explained and made rubbish, and the same baddies appeared but with really lame explanations for what they were suspossedly based on, : (
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