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PAX Prime 2011-Who's in?


Hello again, Dtoiders, with tickets selling out faster than usual and the show a week earlier than previous years I figured it is time to start hyping up our 5 major PAX Prime meetup. For those that you don't this the Dtoid PAX Meetup Blog. The main purpose of this blog is to keep the Dtoid army informed on the plans of the Dtoid Community and possible meetup action that will be going on during PAX week.

This could be the largest gathering of Dtoid members in history and we really want you guys and gals to be a part of the fun that we have for this special weekend. There will likely be a Dtoid panel, nightly meetups, and more in store for the Dtoid attendees at this Seattle convention.

If you need help getting touch with other Dtoiders concerning meetups, lodging, and other arrangements, check out the Google Group link on our sidebar.

If you know that you will definitely be in the area for PAX Prime, let me know in the comments below and tell me what Dtoid regional group you are closest to.
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