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An Introduction to the Dtoid PAX 09 Meetup Blog

Hello, fellow Destructoid members, this is the Dtoid PAX 09 Blog. This blog was created to promote the PAX Google Group, which you can now sign up for at the link below. It will allow you to get in contact with other Dtoiders for planning for this wonderful event. If you have even the slightest thought of attending PAX 09, you should sign up for the group. We will be discussing places to go and places to stay for this wonderful weekend. We can also talk about the past PAX meetups and how great they were. But, most importantly, we will likely discuss the possible idea of cryogenically freezing Necros. Just kidding.

I, also, would like the community's input on something. I need an avatar not only for this blog but for the group itself. If you have any suggestion or would like to contribute to this effort in any way, I would greatly appreciated.

Just reminding everyone that this is unofficial. This is run by a community member just looking to do something awesome for you guys

This is the link to the Google Group
Google Group

When you signup, you must tell me your Dtoid name. I would also ask that you not start any threads while you are subscribe, because I will be forced to use my powers as a Google Group owner against you. The discussion will start some time in the upcoming week,

If you have any other questions, contact me at pax.09.dtoidmeetup [at] gmail dot com. Thank you and I hope to see all of you in a few months

Big thanks to Rio McCarthy for the excellent banner.
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About The Pax Dtoid Meetup Groupone of us since 5:29 PM on 12.26.2008

Welcome to the Dtoid PAX Meetup blog. Please join our wonderful Google Group for information on this wonderful event.

Thanks to both Rio McCarthy and Ashley Davis for creating the banner and avatar, respectively.