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I'm still whoring myself out for post-graduate education.


You read that correct. I'm still whoring myself out to get the survey numbers up! I have a good amount of responses, but still want more (DON'T WE ALL!!). If you haven't got involved yet, it'll only take 15 mins of your time and I will be eternally grateful/willing to sell ones flesh vehicle. I also need some volunteers for post survey interviews!

If you don't know what I am talking about, let me enlighten you!

I am coming to the end of my masters and need help with a survey which makes up a part of my research. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes, the link is provided below. It will only be available for 3-4 weeks as I need to get analysing the data soon and I hope to get around 80-100 responses.

The survey is part of my Music Psychology masters, and is for one of my dissertations - yes, you read that correctly, I am doing more than one dissertation and research project. The survey covers sound design and music in videogames, my research is about immersive experiences and I hope to aid some developers in the future with said research.


If any of you wish to follow the survey up and be involved with an interview as part of the research, just follow the instructions in the survey. I will be in the comment section below as much as possible to answer any questions. If you have any recommendations or improvements regarding the survey, its layout or questions please state them. I've only done a pilot with 5 respondents, so there could still be problems.

I love you all! Please continue to make me smile with your comments on those hard days.
I promise to be more involved during the period at the end of my masters and when the PhD starts - If I haven't resort to crack.

Super hans



- Cat in the wall? Now you're talking my language.

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