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Circuit City discrimination

The story I am about to tell happened many moons ago, when GRAW 2 was just released.

Me and 2 of my friends saw an add in the Circuit City sale paper that GRAW 2 would be $49.99, and it also said that GRAW 2 was guaranteed by 2pm or $20 gift card would be rewarded. So we said screw best buy, lets get it 10 bucks cheaper.

We went to Circuit City not expecting a 20 dollar gift card. We walked around and could not find GRAW 2 anywhere. We asked an employee and he said the game didn't release yet. So we showed them the sale paper where is says GRAW 2 will be in stores everywhere on Wednesday. He checked his computer and the computer said it wasn't releasing until Thursday. And we could come back to get it tomorrow if we'd like. So we were about to leave, then we thought about the gift card. We asked him about it and he had no idea what we were talking about. He grabbed the assistant manager and we showed it to her. And she had no idea what we were talking about. So we told them that it basically says if you all don't have GRAW 2, we get a $20 gift card. Keep in mind we were being very respectful at this time.

She grabbed the store manager and he came over all cocky and said, "look guys, the game isnt out yet, so obviously we wont have it. The $20 gift card deal will be apart of the games release, which is tomorrow".

I could tell he was mad already, and we responded with, "So why does it say today in the sale paper if it doesn't release until tomorrow, it says guaranteed today". And he said its a typo and the game does not come out until tomorrow.

So we told them we'd be back in 20 minutes. And we went to best buy and bought GRAW 2 for $60 instead of $50, and brought it back to the manager and showed him that the game was out. He apparently didn't like being proved wrong. He got a huge attitude and said that Circuit City's do not have GRAW 2, and it would be shipped to them tonight and they will release it on Thursday. So we pleaded our case on why we deserved the gift card. We basically explained that the game came out today, and Circuit city dont have it, which means it wasn't guaranteed to us, which means we should get a $20 gift card. He said that they don't even have GRAW 2 in the building, so the deal is off because its impossible to guarantee it to us if they don't even have it.

So at this time this guy was so angry he stormed off and left us there with the Assistant manager and about 8 employees across the counter. Then she left and we were there with the employees asking them whats so hard about this, why are their managers so dumb. I guess they get beaten when voicing their opinion because none of them agreed.

The Assistant manager came back and apologized. She said there was a typo on the computer and that the game does release today. And then she explained that she had to put them on the shelf because they were in the back. (this is after the manager told us they didn't even have any copies).

So we started explaining that since the game was guaranteed to us, but we couldn't get it, we deserved the $20 gift card. And the manager came over and tried to say that it was guaranteed to us, it was in the back. We were confused by his statements and asked him how we were supposed to get it from the back if you were saying you didn't even have any copies? at this point its around 3:30, and and we've been there since 2. He still tried to plead his case saying they had it which means it was guaranteed to us.

So we said "ok look, you all made a mistake. You told us you didn't have the game which would put off the add until tomorrow. We were fine with that, and were about to leave. But then you said YOU ALL MADE A MISTAKE and didn't put it on the shelf cause it WAS released today. If it wasn't on the shelf, and we couldn't get to is. And the add paper said its guaranteed to us or we get a $20 gift card, how can you all argue with that?"

The manager started getting heated and started yelling at us. And whenever we would talk he would cut us off and say "TAKE YOUR GAME BACK TO BEST BUY, AND I WILL SELL YOU OURS FOR $50!!!", and he would yell this to us whenever we tried to talk. Finally we decided to start being disrespectful because we knew they wouldn't back down even though they were wrong. My friend kept asking him if he was serious? and he still kept repeating the same thing, so my friend had enough and said "wow, your a f**king fagot". He still kept repeating the same thing, finally he told us he was gonna call the cops on us. Which is weird because we were already starting to leave. After I pleaded my case with them, and so did my friend Joey. That was the icing on the cake.

As we were leaving Joey yelled "Your a f**king piece of shit and I hope you know that"

And the assistant manager, who was female, was like. "OH EXCUSE MEEE!!" But we left. And we were all very angry.

This was March 6th of last year. And I literally thought about it all the time and was angered by it every time i thought of it. I called the regional manager and told him the story. He called the manager. And he tried to say that we came in cursing and hollering which is why we didn't get our gift card. Which was a complete lie. Finally the regional manager apologized to me, and she said she thought it was weird that they refused to give us the gift card because they made a mistake. So I got the $20 gift card. And keep in mind our argument wasn't just for the gift card. it was mostly for the fact that they wouldn't admit they were wrong.

I went in for the first time in months to get COD4, because the add said buy COD4 and you will get COD3 for free. I didn't see the manager anywhere so i asked one of the employees i remembered from the incident. He remembered me, and told me the manager had to quit or be fired. And I asked him why? and he said, because he doesn't know how to deal with costumers. I thought to myself "NO REALLY!!". But even though we never got our COD3 with our COD4, it doesn't really matter.

I hate Circuit City and always will. I know that if we were 30 years old, they would have given us the gift card. But since we were teenagers, they thought we didn't deserve it.
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