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Destructoid Cards: Booster Pack 14 (NVGR)


Not much to say intro-wise other than Iím slowly working on blogs in between moving to Australia, getting everything set-up for school and getting a place to stay, so things are moving sloooooowwwllly. If all goes well Iíll have a bunch of free time next week just before classes start, in which case Iíll be able to finish this little project.

Also, I miss my forums :(

Booster 14: Rape Closet

box art alone pretty much sold me, just look how much FUN theyíre having! :D). Not content to just sit around and read the site, Eternalplayer has also hugged Jim Sterling in an inappropriate (or appropriate depending on who you ask) location during the great hug-off of í09.

Also, boo homophobes!

Mikey card notes: Okay, so he may not have the most clever screen name, but one look at his art and all is forgiven. Not since Ceark and his awesomeness has there been an artist in the community that has taken on a big Dtoid project like this amazing comic. Not only is he rocking the aforementioned comic, but Mikey has also been taking requests on what to draw from the community. If you havenít stopped by his blog yet, youíre missing out on one of the best things happening in the community right now. Iím not fucking kidding, this guy rules. Something that his art may have overshadowed is his dedication to high quality costumes, which has been chronicled in Mikeyís first blog. Keep up the great work Mikey!

Counting Conflict card notes: If you donít know, then Iím here to tell you: Counting Conflict is a drunk, heavily bearded, crazy-ass, cool-ass motherfucker. He is also the mastermind behind the drunken IRC based community awards. Unfortunately he has also experienced several traumatic losses, specifically heís gone through five XBoxsí, hence the red ring ability icons. Did I mention that he and Yojimbo have something of a beard rivalry? Well here are some pics of Yojimbo for reference. If you ever want to feel the awesome of Mr. Conflict, just hop on IRC and get your pants down, heíll probably be there to give you a nice warm greeting.
FYI: In IRC, rape is the customary greeting.

Tactix card notes: I actually had too many things to put on one card here, so Iíll put the big one that I missed up first. Tactix started a little something called Dtoid Community Discusses, which is a great little idea that parallels the semi-regular Dtoid Discusses front page posts. Check it out and let Tactix know if youíre interested in participating!

OK, Iím done with the boring stuff. Letís get to the rape closet :)

I had the immense pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with Tactix both when I was in LA, where we both stayed with Aerox, and in San Francisco, where I stayed in his apartment one night. Now you all need to understand something. I love Tectix, heís an amazing guy, no doubt about it. But I did get a bit weirded out when I saw his rape closet. Itís in his bathroom, and itís a trap door about head level that opens into a room with a bed. I cannot stress how strange this room is or what horrors go on in there. Unfortunately I donít have pictures, but trust me. Itís strange. Letís abruptly change subjects shall we? Methinks a whole new paragraph is in order!

Thatís better. Now as everyone in IRC knows, Tactix is the source of all things science. Just head into the channel and yell SCIENCE! And Tactix will be there in a flash to answer your no doubt ridiculous question. On top of that you can always count on Tactix to drop the high-class fashion bomb. Wherever he goes he sets the scene with his trademark fedora, which has spawned a series of imitators, but we all know who started it. Something else you should know is that when Tactix gets drunk, he gets gay. Itís crazy to watch, but believe you me: it happens. Heís also a big Chad Concelmo fan and has a thing for Squirtle. Something that he advertises via his Rio made Squirtle hat. I could go on for several more paragraphs, but I donít want to gush too much. All you need to know is that Tactix is a bad-ass motherfucker and he WILL rape you in Street Fighter II (using a pink T. Hawk), Marvel Vs. Capcom II and his rape closet.

Ben Perlee card notes: Another awesome guy that I got to hang out with in San Francisco. You may also see Ben moonlighting as TopgearGorilla (his old account) or just Topgear (in IRC). Donít be scared, he only bites if you ask him to.

Ben also seems to have two fetishes: chickens (cocks) and aviators. The aviators I can understand, but you got me as to why cocks. Well thatís actually not true, I think we ALL know why cocks :) Anyways, he and Tactix both attend the same school, so Iíd bet dollars to donuts that he holds the record for seeing the inside of the legendary rape closet.

Ben is also a fanboy for gaming industry people, something that springs from his great love of not just games, but the people that make them and write about them. Heís also trying to break into the industry so wish him luck! Heís a great guy and I hope that he makes it :)


Stop. Donít do it. Donít ask me for a card, please. Iím still getting requests (and re-requests) from people almost daily and thereís no way that I can make it through all of them. Asking me for a card wonít get you moved up the list.

Thatís all I have to say about that. So, uh, stay in school kids!

Random quote... EXECUTE!

"I am Grimm Shado," said Grimm Shado, his triple wand claws extending. "And I am here to take it to the limit."
-The Song of the Sorcelator, page 179 (Penny Arcade)
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