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The Way of the Assassin - Hitman: Absolution

Yesterday was one of those days, a day in which it feels like it's going to be a boring day of doing nothing at all and being a pirate. But to my surprise I was able to go around and do a thing I consider to be particularly fun, game shopping. Went to EB Games looking for something to wet my gamer appetite and low and behold, I notice the newest Hitman game, with eyes locked on and a feeling of being in mood for some stealthy action I buy it and take it home with.

Only thing was that I didn't play it till really early today around 2 am and then once I started playing it I got rather instantly hooked. Sprinkling some sleeping pills in that coffee and using little items in order to infiltrate the first area of the game felt satisfying. Suffice to say I took the Silent Assassin approach and completed the area without much trouble, and restarted whenever I screwed something up terribly. I did pretty well and have so far gotten to the part where you're on top of a stopped elevator. At that point I was stuck with a rather annoying glitch in which the guy was staring in the direction of where my character was going to climb up and out of, luckily I restarted the level and the glitch became rather non-existant.

In all my years of gaming I have only played one other Hitman game and that was Blood Money, and suffice it to say I was not so good at it from what I remember. I have few irks with the Absolution compared to the previous Hitman game such as how you can't buy your equipment before starting a mission in the Story Campaign, though this can show to be a little bit of an annoyance it also shows that you have to be resourceful during your missions and search for anything that could be of potential use for you during them, which is an appreciated game mechanic along with the people of the same uniform noticing whether you're one of them or not unless you use instinct. There is the feeling though that the areas of this game just don't stack up compared to the ones of the previous games in the series, but they do feel as though they're on a rather dynamic scale here and the lighting appears to be really well done.

Now to talk about the main Hitman of the game, Agent 47, from first glance of someone who's never played a Hitman game before, he seems like a rather bland character who doesn't talk much aside from the start of assignments. Personally, I can't help but like him even if he is a rather cold and ruthless killer. Certain things make him tick and help add to his personality traits, compared to assassins in other games he doesn't allow for his emotions to take complete control of him. How he speaks and what types of slight facial expressions he gives show his underlying emotion beneath that assassin exterior. These along with his skills show him to be a masterful badass hitman who knows exactly what he's doing. Though there are a few things that take away from the badassery that he has such as a particular cutscene in a hotel, and you guys, if you have played this game already, know what cutscene I'm talking about.

Away from all that the gameplay so far is proving to be really enjoyable, if a tad easy for my liking, then again I am playing it on normal so I don't think I can actually be considered a true assassin yet, even if I am sneaking past areas full of people and getting the Silent Assassin rank. But hey as long as you have fun with a game like this there shouldn't really be a problem, besides there's always the contracts mode if you're feeling up for a true challenge!

This has been a First Impression by the Darkerman, I hope you've enjoyed it.
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